mercoledì 27 gennaio 2021

TDF Issoudun in DRM mode on shortwave

Since January 1, we have been carrying out new DRM tests from our Issoudun distribution center.

These tests are initiated by TDF as part of our DRMCast project.

DRMCast is an OC receiver that we have developed on our own funds which makes it possible to locally rebroadcast DRM content over wifi.

Through this gateway-type interface, any smartphone or tablet-type receiver is thus capable of receiving sound, text and images broadcast in DRM.

The first tests were carried out on the minitransat in 2019 with a race report for boats crossing the Atlantic.

We are not far enough advanced to date to address Vendée Globle type races, but the Maritime world is a track that we are considering for DRMCast.

For the time being, we have 4 30-minute broadcasting slots with RFi world programs and some associated data:

13: 00-13:30 11735
15: 00-15:30 9905
17: 30-18:00 9905
23: 30-00:00 5875

These slots are likely to change in the days / weeks to come. These are tests to continue our development, we are not communicating at the moment.

(via Wolfgang Bueschel dg1sbn)