mercoledì 22 gennaio 2020

World Radio Day 2020

On 13 February 2020, UNESCO will celebrate the 9th edition of World Radio Day. This day marks a time where people around the world celebrate radio and how it shapes our lives.
On World Radio Day 2020 (WRD 2020), UNESCO calls on radio stations to uphold diversity, both in their newsroom and on the airwaves. 

This edition of WRD is divided into three main sub-themes: 

Advocating for pluralism in radio, including a mix of public, private and community broadcasters;
Encouraging representation in the newsroom, with teams comprised of diverse society groups;
Promoting a diversity of editorial content and programme types reflecting the variety of the audiences.
We are working on différent tools and contents to help radio stations and other stakeholders celebrating WRD 2020. All material is copyright free and may be used to promote World Radio Day. Please check out regularly our WRD 2020 Celebration kit on

Proclaimed in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO, and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day, February 13 became World Radio Day (WRD).

Radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity in all its diversity and constitutes a platform for democratic discourse. At the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed medium. This unique ability to reach out the widest audience means radio can shape a society’s experience of diversity, stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented and heard. Radio stations should serve diverse communities, offering a wide variety of programs, viewpoints and content, and reflect the diversity of audiences in their organizations and operations.