mercoledì 29 gennaio 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel oibservations

6035even CHINA  nothing at 11.47 UT from Thimphu Bhutan on that channel. Nothing heard in Bangalore and Delhi India remote SDR rxs sites.

But powerhouse S=9+25dB or -55dBm Chinese program signal noted at Hanoi VTN and Jakarte INS remote SDR rxs from Kunming CHN even in ! 11-12 ! UT hour (fault item in HFCC / Aoki database, requested 1200-1700 UT only there.) And in between real Mandarin Chinese announcement, Hanoi Vietnam signal is like armchair power.

Though S=9+10dB in remote Hiroshima Japan SDR unit too.

PNG ?   3325even kHz, likely NBC Bougainville at 11.35 UT on Jan 29 S=5 fair signal in Japan.

OTHR broadband powerhouse signal on 4940 - 5065 kHz all over Japan monitoring.

AUSTRALIA?   Noted string signal midst on radar on 5055.005 kHz so - I guess - Radio 4KZ is on air at 11.42 UT on Jan 29.

73 wolfie  df5sx
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