lunedì 20 gennaio 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel: CHN / ALB observations

Re Albania CRI European relay site Cerrik broadcasts..

I don't believe that the Cerrik relay is on air again  y e t  !
These ADDITIONAL SCHEDULE outlets originate NOT FROM ALBANIA at present.

In past 14 days !!
I also observed these additional French (and others) on 7360 and 7385 kHz from MAINLAND CHINA bcast center sites, propagate far away from eastern Asia bcast center, according of Kiwi-Net direction finding TDoA Extension, not from Kashgar, nor Urumqui in western China,  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

b u t   C E N T E R E D    o r i g i n a t e and propagate WELL from big Beijing transmission site, CHN_Beijing Matoucun/Madicun, HuoxianTown, Tongzhou_SW 150/350/500kW 33ant_12x100kW Beijing #572 site  at 39 44 54 N  116 48 41 E

and likely also one ... two other additional bcasts more from either Xian #925 site at G.C. 110degr East

or Shijiazhuang site near CHN_Shijiazhuang Huikou. Pingshan County, Station #723 at G.C 114degr East location

7360 kHz in Western Europe S=9+10dB like at same time: Xian on 7285 and 7435 kHz.

7385 kHz in Western Europe S=9+5dB from Beijing site, like Shijiazhuang also this level on 7255 kHz.

The CRI Kashgar outlets are much stronger - than Beijing / Xian - at S=9+30dB level tonight, like Italian 7340 kHz, German 7395 kHz.

Okay, yes the additional 09-13 UT bcasts originate either from Urumqi or Kashgar sites in western China on the Russia/Kazakhstan/Kyrghyz border area.

73 wolfie  df5sx

ps. 15-23 UT additional bcasts need further more monitoring observation now.