martedì 28 gennaio 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

CUBA  5990even  CRI Latin America relay site at RadioCuba Quivican
San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site, at 00.30 UT on Jan 28.

Powerhouses heard in Massachusetts eastern US coast.

5990even CRI Spanish program, S=9+35dB 18 kHz wideband nice modulation,
but suffered underneath by over-spill splash of RHC Spanish signal of
odd 5999.995 kHz also at S=9+35dB level in MA. 9 kHz wideband audio,
but in distortion audio peaks up to 30 kHz WIDEBAND signal
propagate made it into northern US states.

15120 kHz CRI Spanish heard on remote Kiwi set at SDR rx at PU2GUN Vilhena
Brazil. Also from RadioCuba Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site,
S=9+10dB at -66dBm strength. Endless talk at 00.52 UT.
TX Sign-off midst in sentence at 00.55 UT.

6180 kHz CRI via RadioCuba Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site
from 01.00 UT, but on 6180.019 odd fq heard in central Brazil PU2GUN Vilhena,
and at Kiwi set Bonaire, in Chicago US too - bad mix of Brasilia and Quivican site signals,

In Sao Paulo and and central Brazil
RN da Amazonia Brasilia DF instead, powerhouse S=9+30dB or -43dBm signal.

6180even CRI English via RadioCuba Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site
13 kHz wideband, in peaks up to 20 kHz wideband audio in
remote SDR rx at Massachusetts eastern US coast line unit.

odd 5999.995 kHz only empty CRI
- likely RHC English px at Washington northern US states meant -
carrier noted at S=9+35 level at 01.07 UT on Jan 28.

15730 kHz RHC Bejucal 50 kW likely Creole sce towards Antilles SoAM,
noted at poor S=4 level in Sao Paulo remote Kiwi unit, at 01.12 UT.

11700 kHz RHC via RadioCuba Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site,
noted in Sao Paulo remote Kiwi unit at S=9+25 or like -72dBm but much
fluttery signal at 01.16 UT.
S=8 only in TWR Bonaire Kiwi set, due of short skip distance Cuba-Bonaire

\\ 11670 kHz RHC also Spanish sce from RadioCuba Bauta site,
S=8-9 or -81dBm in SP Brazil.
But S=9 signal in distorted audio quality at Bonaire remote Kiwi net
unit at 01.32 UT.

\\ not on air, 11850 kHz nothing heard in SoAM Brazil
nor at Bonaire Kiwi set in 01-02 UT time range.

\\ 6060 kHz RHC Bauta Spanish nice signal in Idaho USA at KA7U ham stn
of remote Kiwi set.
S=9+10 or -68dBm signal, nice audio signal at 01.27 UT on Jan 28.

4765even R Progreso from Bejucal site, S=9+10dB in peaks visible on Perseus
screen at Massachusetts north eastern US coast state. Nice Latin American
culture songs hear at 01.46 UT on Jan 28.

5924.999 kHz R Rebelde nice Latin mx program from Bauta site at 01.51 UT
also S=9+10dB in MA state unit.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 28)

this UT nighttime a rich cornucopia / an abundance of nice Latin American usic culture, wb.