venerdì 26 luglio 2019

World Music Radio on even frequency

World Music Radio (WMR) is broadcasting with 100 W only  -  not 8 kW - on 5840 kHz from Randers, Denmark - 24 hours 7 days a week - using an inverted V aerial.  It was way back in 2004-05 that WMR was broadcasting with 7 kW (from Karup, Denmark)

Please   :-)

I've adjusted the frequency 8 Hz up, so it should be back on 5840.000 kHz. I hope. 

And remember also - WMR - Saturday and Sundays on 15805 kHz (200 W) at 07-20 UTC - currently  with a new 3 element yagi aerial beamed towards Northern Scandinavia, Japan and Western North America.   

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,