martedì 30 luglio 2019

Chinese jammer 11895 kHz

11895 kHz channel puzzled me tonight:

endless China folk music, much guitar mx, not CNR1 px, played of a strong 150 / 500 kW signal, at 20.00 til exact 22.00 UT, as probably test transmission ?

Later the night, that channel is used for RFA Kuwait in Tibetan and Chinese at 02-07 UT.

Measured few times in KiwiSDR option TDOA, used SDR units at Khabarovsk FE_Russia, Delhi, HongKong, Tokyo and Hanoi units.

Jamming station location couldn't traced exact, too much flutter, but was in the extreme North East of China, east of known jamming stn Qiqihar, near Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang province.

73 wb