venerdì 26 luglio 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel log

This July 26 UT morning, nothing of WBCQ 9330 channel on air, 3-4 UT.

Some rush log items of this morning here in western Europe various SDR's in
Holland, England and Germany.

4765even CUB  R Progreso S=9+5 at 03.03 UT.
5025even CUB  R Rebelde, S=9+25dB also RHC Bauta 5040even at 03.07 UT
5085even USA  WTWW mx px S=9+5dB 03.10 UT
5779.997 UNID straight music program S=6 at 03.13 UT
5800.016 UNID carrier S=8 at 03.14 UT
5829.985 USA  WTWW sermon En male, S=8-9 fluttery into WeEUR.
5839.992 DEN  WMR full ID heard at 03.23 UT, S=9 signal all over western
         Europe on high summer prop condition tonight, 8 kW wide signal
         nice Portug-Brasilian music program heard.
5959.877 much odd fq of Radio Kuwait Kabd, Arabic female talk, commercial
         advts in between ?, modern Arabic world music program, girls
         singer, S=9+15dB fluttery into weEUR target. 03.25 UT
5999.995 CUB  Odd fq of RHC English from Quivican San Felipe TITAN site,
         talk on Caracas VEN matter, S=9+20dB proper signal into England
         SDR at 03.27 UT.
6015even TZA  Zanzibar BC, female Swahili presenter, seldom heard mornings
         here in Europe, but 'midwinter equator' in June/July prop favors
         the path Tanzania - Europe when Grayline is midst in Near East.
         S=5-6 at 03.29 UT.
6039.991 ROU  RRI Tiganesti site on ODD fq seldom happened, S=9+45dB
         powerhouse into weEUR, English 03-04 UT, classical piano mx.
6055.033 BUL  TOM BS old records played via Spaceline Kostinbroad Sofia
         site, roarer program, very bad audio quality, S=7 here in WeEUR.
         03.31 UT on July 26.
6065.008 UNID S=4 signal, MDG ? at 03.35 UT.
6069.979 CAN  CFRX Toronto, distorted signal of thunderstorm lightning
         scratches. S=6 or -83dBm here in Europe. 03.36 UT.
6080even BOT  VoA English nx, British BREXIT matter, Boris Johnson premier
         min in Downing Street arrived, S=9+10dB in WeEUR. 03.37 UT
6090even Caribbean Beacon, male En, fluttery S=7-8 fair signal, and equal
         level Ethiopian in Amharic underneath, 03.41 UT on July 26.
6105even NHK  Radio Japan Tokyo via TDF Issoudun, 02-04 UT powerhouse here
         in WeEUR of S=9+45dB or -36dBm, modern Japanese pop mx played.
6120even AUT  AWR Persian sce mornings via ORS Moosbrunn relay site,
         mixed piano and birds chirping music to audience in Persia,
         S=9+30dB signal backlobe into England, 11.8 kHz wideband audio.
         03.43 UT on July 26.

re 6160.096V kHz.
6159.969 probably USA  WBCQ new channel outlet, TOM BS roarer program,
         talk on Bush and Reagan matter, S=9 into WeEUR at 03.45 UT.
         mx program at 07.12 UT too. fq odd on lower side today ...

6165 bad mixture of two equal level broadcasts into weEUR at 03.46 UT
         RHC Bauta 6165 and TRT Emirler English on 6165.005 kHz S=8-9
         here in England, Holland and Germany.
6185 kHz EVEN fq (!)  MEX  XEPPM Radio Educacion in Spanish, nice mx px
         in peaks S=8-9 or -72dBm this UT morning here in Europe 03.48 UT
7505.004 USA  WRNO ID and ministry address at 03.50 UT, 1-2 Hz unstable
         varying, but nice audio, phone in from South California.
7490.181 USA  WBCQ TOM BS roarer, program til 03.59 UT, then full
         extended WBCQ addresses and data around 03.59-04.00 UT,
         TX switch off at 04.01 UT. S=9+5dB here in weEUR.
7334.997 USA  US BBG IBB R Marti from Greenville North Carolina site,
         S=9+45dB or -38dBm powerhouse sidelobe into weEUR, Cuban origin
         nice music program, 04.06 UT, 10.2 kHz wideband signal.
7324.991 ROU  Odd fq seldom happened. RadCom Galbeni site technicians
         failed precise alignement. At 04.09 UT. S=9+35dB signal
         of Romanian morning service. Talk on super high temperatures
         in western Europe up to +42 cent temps.

and now some logs of remote SDR in Doha Qatar in ME:
7420.002 IND  AIR Chennai with Hyderabad Hindi program, S=9 or -73dBm,
         subcontinental mx heard at 04.21 UT on July 26.
7430even IND  AIR Bhopal Hindi noted at 04.24 UT S=9+5dB strength.
9410.106 odd fq - one of the four tx is much ODD fq, at Al Dhabbaya UAE
         S=9 at 04.27 UT, BBC London Arabic program.
9420.003 GRC  Voice of Greece Avlis, Helliniki Radio, Greek folk mx,
         04.29 UT, S=9+15dB backlobe signal into Qatar ME.
         10.8 kHz wideband signal.
9490.003 D__  NHK Radio Japan via MBR Nauen site, Japanese at 04.31 UT
         S=9+5dB signal observed in Doha Qatar ME.
9899.997 odd fq of VoIRIB via Zahedan-IRN site, 14 kHz audio broadband
         02.30-05.30 UT Arabic, S=9+30dB signal in UAE.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 26)