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Glenn Hauser logs July 22-23, 2019

** CHINA. 11460, 10920, July 23 at 1339, two JBA carriers are the only likely WOOB CNR1 jammers found between 10 and 15 MHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 12200, July 23 at 0615, RHC English S9+10 with fades to S7, second harmonic of 6100 where it`s S9+30/20. The 25mb itself is virtually dead! Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. I get my wish for sporadic-E FM DX from Mexico this summer, but it`s a very frustrating experience. July 22 at 1755 UT I`m heading out on errands when routine check of FM band on caradio finds Spanish on 88.1, so I come back and start tuning on the DX-398 & PL-880. Signals are marginal, don`t last long, fade down just as something identifiable might be imminent. And I still have stuff to do, so my own tuning is sporadic. Closest to a definite catch is 93.1 in Guadalajara. Opening is a surprise as latest chex of DXmaps did not show any Es activity south of here at any MUF. But during this opening I am away from computer so don`t know what maps later show. Usual situation has been Es across eastern half of USA only in our mornings, seldom exceeding 88 MHz.

88.1: 1755, Beatles` ``When I`m 64`` but DJ in Spanish, obviously cannot be either Okie which vie for marginal dominance here. 1757, just miss ID? when DJ unexpectedly talx over music. 1805, more classic rock in English sporadically overcoming KWOU/KMSI. 1911, Spanish mix, ``salsa loca``, ``25 pesos`` so it`s definitely not Unitedstatesian; guardia nacional PSA. 1915 more classic rock in English. 2000, Spanish talk vs two Okies. Widely separated bits may involve more than one station.

Of many 88.1s, WTFDA FM Database shows possibilities: XHRED-FM, 88.1, CD. DE MÉXICO, CDMX, MEX, 95.0/95.0 kW, 561.0m, 19-27-08, 99-22-03, Spanish, No Program Type or Undefined, 80'S HITS, UNIVERSAL STEREO

And one 88.1 Mexican remarkably in English --- does that mean all announcing is also in English? XHDZ-FM, 88.1, CÓRDOBA, VER, MEX, 10.0/10.0 kW, -21.75m = below average terrain, 18-54-27, 96-58-27, English, CLASSIC HITS, HITS 88.1, English! [sic]

92.9: 1756, ad in Spanish overcoming Tulsa; 1907, another fade-in of Mexmx. There are 19 Mexicans on 92.9 of which about 5 are in the central PTA, primarily XEQ-FM in Mexico City.

95.5: at 1916, gospel rock in English, ``Holy, holy`` not to original hymn tune, strong and fading as Es, over Tulsa, then KWEN`s K-95 ID at 1917. Maybe from near Mexico border, or a separate opening? But no Texans south of Corpus Christi and that station is no fit.

93.1: at 1920, Kubota ad on US281 near Pratt, so only Hutchinson KS; strong in solid like a local so thought it had to be DX; backscatter?

93.5: at 1933, W&M chat, mention Celaya; 2027, Spanish talk.  No station in Celaya, but one elsewhere in same state Guanajuato: XHNY-FM, 93.5,    IRAPUATO,    GTO,    MEX,    30.03/30.03 kW, 217.0m. 20-42-11, 101-23-26, Spanish,    SPANISH POP, EXA FM 

95.1: at 2005, Spanish, over KS/OK, automated timecheck simply ``tres, cinco`` i.e. in CDT zone too. Ten stations, all but three of which are in central PTA. Maybe Irapuato XHNH-FM correlating with 93.5. 

93.1: at 2010, now really DX, Spanish W&M talk; 2012 ``sin comerciales, sólo música romántica``. Plug program ``Por amor de vida`` at 11 de la mañana. Mention ``iHeart Radio`` pronounced in English, and a jingle for same! Two MexDX stations seem mixing. 2014 talk in Spanish, 2018 ad for Justicia TV; 2019 Guardia de Fuerza? Nacional PSA from gobierno de México; PSA for Secretaría de Cultura; plug música sinfónica; 2020, ``93 punto 1``.

A little searching leads right to:
Página oficial de Amor 93.1 Guadalajara | Sólo Música Romántica |
Grupo ACIR - Conectando a Millones.
Amor 93.1 Guadalajara | Amor | Sólo Música Romántica

At first wondered if iHeart plug meant it had to be Unitedstatesian?
NO, last year they made a deal with the Grupo ACIR to handle
streaming, if not axually own Mexistations. iHeart logo also appears
on Amor`s page above. Call-sign IDs are very rare in Mexico. Per WTFDA
FM Database:

XHPI-FM, 93.1, GUADALAJARA, JAL, MEX, 79.8/79.8 kW, only 37.0m high, 20-39-40, 103-23-10, Spanish, ROMANTICA, AMOR. 1827 km = 1135 st mi.

90.7: at 2023 Mexican music in Spanish, 2024 ``del Norte``. Two words are not much to go on, but surprisingly there is this correlation:

XHPSTZ-FM, 90.7, SOMBRERETE, ZAC, MEX, 6.0/6.0 kw, 174.3m, 23-38-59, 103-36-29, Spanish,    REGIONAL MEXICAN, LA BONITA DEL NORTE DE SOMBRERETE --- North of what? Certainly not in the real norteña area next to EUA.

91.9: at 2030, Two stations mixing, need side-tuning to 91.95 to avoid 91.7 KOSU, but also avoid  92.1 KAMG-LP Enid still on, dead air. Spanish music in stereo; 2032 says ``Jalisco vale``, another  song; 2038 PSA by ``gobierno del estado de ---¿qué?---``. That would have nailed it as state-sponsored PSAs surely air only in their own state! Going on the Jalisco clue (and Guadalajara on  93.1), we find two:

XHESP-FM, 91.9, SAN PEDRO TLAQUEPAQUE, JAL, MEX, 3.0/3.0 kW, 45.3m,
21-41-07, 103-23-24, Spanish, Soft Rock, ROCK & SOUL     
XHVJL-FM, 91.9, PUERTO VALLARTA, JAL, MEX, 50.0/50.0 kW, 3.0m!,
20-39-11, 105-14-05, Spanish, NEWS/TALK/VARIETY, JALISCO RADIO 
(Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1991 monitoring: Confirmed UT Tuesday July 23 at 0100 on WRMI 7780, JBA in HNL. Next:
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 9955
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v
0100 UT Thursday  WRMI 7780

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UNIDENTIFIED. 15450.5-USB, July 23 at 1333, 2-way in Spanish, whistling, JBA, INTRUDERS. Wonder if they would have found Voice of Turkey any problem before 1330? It too is JBA carrier here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1655 UT July 23