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Retro Radio Dial 1988 Caribbean FM

Radio Heritage Foundation
May 7 2013
Media Release

Retro Radio Dial 1988
Caribbean FM

A fascinating look back 25 years ago to 1988 and the radio stations that could be heard from the Caribbean on FM has just been released by the Radio Heritage Foundation at

You'll find a complete list of FM stations along the dial from many islands of the Caribbean such as Puerto Rico, as well as Bermuda, Belize, French Guyane, Guyana & Surinam.

This was a period of substantial change in the Caribbean radio scene, as long lasting state owned AM stations and networks on many smaller islands faced growing competition from privately owned stations on FM.

It was also the year that Hurricane Gilbert hit the region, causing widespread loss of life and damage.
Retro Radio Dial Caribbean FM 1988 is the latest of a new series exploring the global radio dials at important times during the last century. It completes the current 1988 focus, with the next series of features going back 60 years to 1953.

The feature includes the Top 20 music hits of 1988, popular movies and books and other aspects of popular culture that add to the flavor of the radio dials of the era.

The Retro Radio Dial series also includes features exploring radio as early as 1928 in California, Japan and Shanghai in 1941, Hawaii in 1961, Idaho and Texas in 1963, Australia AM & FM in 1988, Caribbean AM & shortwave 1988 .........and many new titles are currently in preparation.

The Radio Heritage Foundation is an independent non-profit organization with no connections to the broadcasting industry or any government agency, and is supported by people worldwide who think it's important to protect radio memories for the future. Content at is free.

Come along and visit the Caribbean FM radio dial in 1988 with us. There's even a place for you to share your own radio memories of those times.

We welcome your feedback on the new Retro Radio Dial series.

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