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May 15 2013


It's time to rattle the tin can to keep going $35 a year is less than 70c/week or 10c/day
Please help the team continue the job. Easy!

When I originally had the idea of bringing the stories and memories of radio broadcasting together in just one place some 10 years ago, I thought it would be a simple task, but boy, was I wrong.............

You see, every time one bit of the giant jigsaw puzzle falls into place, it simply shows an even bigger picture with even more gaps!

It looks an impossible task........but thanks to people who believe it's important to do complete the picture, here we are a decade later, still working on the project.

And, it's got bigger.............have you seen the new features about radio broadcasting from 1953, 1963 and even 1988? These new Retro Radio Dial stories are great, all the stations you never knew existed and bundled up with the movies, music and books of those times..........they're brand new, check them out at

Supporters are literally, dying

Sadly, many of the people who first talked with us about their own experiences from the period leading up to the 1940's are no longer with us, but you'll find their legacy woven through the hundreds of features at

So on the down days, it's the thought of staying true to those people.....of honoring their stories...... that keeps me going.........

Why it works

You know, you've got to want to see history kept, you've got to be willing to share the memories, and you've got to be willing to make you feel humbled when someone says......

* 'I remember that station, my Mom used to listen to it, here's the badge she got as a girl from that station'
* 'My Dad worked at that station in the jungle, and here are some photos he sent us back home. Will you let others see them please?'
* 'I never left my hometown, but I traveled the world with my radio and I've got old books and letters and cards from the people I heard and I'm afraid they'll all be thrown out when they move me out. Thank you for taking care of them for me.'..............

Yes, radio has a way of connecting us all.......over the years.........over the miles........and across cultures.......countries....languages......all part of the big jigsaw I mentioned earlier.

Yes, we solve people's problems

If you think we're solving a problem for you or someone else by keeping on with the project of collecting these stories, photos, memories and more, can I ask you to join the small group of people who help make it possible by paying it forward so others can enjoy the project at no cost?

We ended our financial year with no money in the bank, with 25% of our overheads unpaid [$5,380], and after six weeks since April 1, with another $2,500 unpaid......... and although our volunteers work hard to keep the memories and features coming's time to rattle the tin can..........

Less money but more people

But we had 30% more people coming to the website last year, spending many hours finding things they wanted, and enjoying the many new I figure we're doing something right. It's just that everyone thinks that if it's on the internet, it should be available for free. Well, it is, but it costs us something to get it there.

And that's where you come in. If you think we're doing good, if you like what we're doing, and you think the project solves a problem for you or someone else, and can do even more in the future, you can do something very real and important right now by donating what you figure it's worth to you to see us through this tough time.

You can make a difference

The options are at

Thanks so much, I hope we'll still be able to do what you want us to do....and what you'd like us to the coming days and weeks..........

71 people donating $35 today will clear our $2500 bill

David Ricquish
Radio Heritage Foundation