venerdì 17 agosto 2012

Calendar of SW Farewells Aug 17: Chile

CALENDAR OF mostly SW SPECIALS, FAREWELLS compiled by Glenn Hauser

Dates, days and times are strictly UT

Note: expired info has been moved to the bottom of this page on our website for anyone who may need to refer to it. I have not attempted to follow-up everything mentioned, but this has been done in DXLD, the DXLDyg and/or my log reports.

NOTE: this calendar was started in June when there were lots of `special events` and SW stations about to close down. It has not been updated later in July until now. It may not be worth gh`s trouble to keep it going, but if and when updated will be notified on the usual lists. There are also lots of amateur radio special events which we do not intend to cover as they are well-publicized in ham radio circles.

UPDATE SUMMARY since last edition:

Caldera de Tango, Chile last day on the air with CVC is Friday August 17.


Earlier this week, CVC La Voz, instead of curtailed 21-23 since end of June, suddenly resumed all-day broadcasts on 17680, 13-22 UT in Spanish. This is only a last gasp, as they also announce on the air and in press releases that the SW site will be closed down after today.

Luis Valderas says the final broadcast will also be at 13-22 Friday, not mentioning frequency, but surely 17680. Maybe also 9635 which he has heard in the daytime (via Dino Bloise, Frecuencia al Dia, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1630, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

It`s expected that a special QSL-card is to be issued confirming reports for the final broadcast by CVC La Voz (Christian Vision Spanish Service) which is also the last one from this QTH. The site will be dismantled. Reports to Casilla 395, Talagante, Chile or via e-mail to antonio @ (Horacio Nigro, Uruguay, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1630, DXLD)

This calendar will be updated and reissued as needed
Latest edition:

(Glenn Hauser, 0118 UT August 17, DX LISTENING DIGEST)