giovedì 29 dicembre 2011

Several German mediumwave stations about to close

Several mediumwave stations in Germany are due to cease transmissions within the next couple of weeks. The first to go, on Friday 30 December, is the low power (0.6 kW) SWR station at Ulm on 1413 kHz. The following day it is the turn of high power (700 kW) gospel station ERF at Mainflingen on 1539 kHz and the WDR mediumwave transmitter at Langenberg on 1593 kHz which has been broadcasting in DRM mode. On 8 January SWR will cease its mediumwave broadcasts of the "Bodensee Sender" on 666 kHz (150 kW), Muhlacker on 576 kHz (100 kW), Freiburg on 828 kHz (10kW) and RheinSender/Wolfsheim on 1017 kHz (100 kW). Andy Sennitt comments: The closure of Freiburg on 828 kHz is interesting, as it may improve reception of Dutch broadcaster Radio 10 Gold in some locations after dark, though there is still an NDR transmitter at Hannover active on this frequency. (Mediamagazine / Media Network via BDXC-UK ml)