domenica 18 dicembre 2011

Glenn Hauser logs December 17-18, 2011

** ANGUILLA. 11775, altho it was on earlier Dec 17, Caribbean Beacon is gone at 2224 check, after nominal switch to night frequency 6090, but it too remains missing. See NIGERIA, BRAZIL (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 6090v, Dec 17 at 2308, after NIGERIA [q.v.] has closed in the absence of ANGUILLA [q.v.], very poor signal left sounds Brazilian, and then I am barely able to // it to equally vp signal on 9645v, i.e. R. Bandeirantes. Other // 11925v not propagating or not on (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Finally some Firedrake audible here, Dec 17 before 2400 UT:
14700, very poor at 2348, with CCI?
14970, good at 2348
16100, very good at 2349; none above or below these frequencies

** CYPRUS. 6135, Dec 17 at 2235, good signal with `ME` music, no announcements. Only QRM a bit o` bonker on the lo side which was evitable by tuning to the hi side. Only when it cut off abruptly at 2244* did it occur to me that it`s probably CyBC, scheduled 2215-2245 on Fri/Sat/Sun, but I didn`t realize 6135 is their B-11 channel on 49m. It was 6180 last B-season and 5925 in A-11. 6135 is 250 kW, 314 degrees to W Europe and hence USward too from the BaBcoCk Zyyi site, same as // 7220 and 9760. HFCC doesn`t distinguish between this and BBC relays except for listing language as Greek (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. 6090, Dec 17 at 2225, since ANGUILLA [q.v.] is missing, what else can we hear? Sounds like a TAL [tonal African language], such as Hausa as scheduled from FRCN Kaduna; also rumble QRM from something else and lite het; bits of singing mixed in, off at 2300* apparently uncovering BRAZIL, q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 89.5, the stereo open carrier all day is still being heard, altho seemingly not as strong as initially, when one drives around the western half of Enid. And after dark, still playing Xmas-rock tunes, presumably to accompany a flashing light show at some residence.

Saturday afternoon, Dec 17 I decide to spend some time trying to find it by DF/strength before the music and lights start. Still get it best circa intersexion of Oakwood and Chestnut, but unless I spend a lot more time to drive more streets in the neighborhood, or get some other tip, it will remain unfound.

I also drove out to the house on Pheasant Run which was doing this last December on 99.7. He`s set up again this year, but the sign in lights, almost invisible in daylight, now says ``TUNE TO 99.9``. I did, and he is also leaving his stereo carrier on all day, when I was there at 2120 UT, but this one is really Part 15, losing out by only 100 meters away. It`s at the extreme western edge of inhabited Enid in a development of expensive ticky-tacky, while the unfound 89.5 must be further east in west-central Enid.

Of course, I don`t expect anyone further to be able to DX either one, but this is an example of what others could find in their own towns  at yearend (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 6055, VG signal Dec 17 at 2356, REE is concluding French hour with music, sign-off giving 6055 and 5970 (the latter Sat/Sun only) interrupted by IADs; 2358 IS, 0000 Dec 18 sign-on by Justin Coe in English but then right into ``no sólo hablamos español`` promo, and then music without IADs. At least they are modulating this time instead of almost two hours of dead air as previously logged (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. 5960, sufficient, Dec 17 at 2316 I tune to VOT as it`s an on-week for the fortnightly `DX Corner`, but Sheref Isler is reading a script about Mevlana, who apparently died on this date, mentioning whirling dervishes. It seems there is a W.D. festival each year at this time. I subsequently learned much more about that by Googling, topped by this from a commercial tour promotion site

``Known to the west as Whirling Dervishes, the Mevlevi Order was founded by Mevlana Rumi in the 13th century. The Order wrote of tolerance, forgiveness, and enlightenment. They survive today as a cultural brotherhood. They are not theatrical spectacles but sacred rituals. The ritual of the Mevlevi sect, known as the sema, is a serious religious ritual performed by Muslim priests in a prayer trance to Allah. Mevlevi believed that during the sema the soul was released from earthly ties, and able to freely and jubilantly commune with the divine. Dervish literally means "doorway" and is thought to be an entrance from this material world to the spiritual, heavenly world. The Whirling Dervishes played an important part in the evolution of Ottoman high culture.

From the fourteenth to the twentieth century, their impact on classical poetry, calligraphy and visual arts was profound. Rumi and his followers integrated music into their rituals as an article of faith. Rumi emphasized that music uplifts our spirit to realms above, and we hear the tunes of the Gates of Paradise.``

This lasted until 2322:30, then the familiar `DX Corner` theme and YL (mumbles name, Gemma?) says this will be a ``short program due to time limitations``, presumably the preceding special, but it turned out to 15+ minutes. For those of us who keep up with radio-related press, it`s mostly familiar stuff: EDXC Conference with DSWCI AGM to be in Germany; world`s first reception report, an Adrian Peterson item lifted from Wavescan; 2330 NASA internet radio station; Steve Wozniak, WA6BND, interviewed 14 Dec on BBCR4 Today program, and on demand; new Philippine radio station on 864 kHz; ham balloon, K6RPT-11 on 144.390 MHz crossing the Atlantic from California; Bhutan back on 6035 after 2+ years; Radio Seagull, 1395, heard in Canada by Allan Willie; DXpedition from Jan 29 on a beach in El Salvador listing a bunch of German ham calls, to activate a rare prefix, see

Some of the items were credited to Southgate and you`ll find them via Some of those surely came from Media Network, also quoted by Southgate, such as the Philippines item, 
which was credited only to MN`s source, the Philippine Information Agency. Wrapped up and into music fill at 2338 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 7490, Dec 17 at 2230, WBCQ is on again this Saturday with gospel rock on `I Sing Radio`, and with heavy QRM de BBCWS Thailand in English, as I have repeatedly had to report to no avail. Recheck at 2345, same QRM situation during the 22-24 BBC transmission. Meanwhile, a nice clear frequency nearby, 7505 goes vacant, tied up by imaginary WRNO, off the air for over a year (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1595: is scheduled to appear this week on Area 51, on WBCQ 5110v-CUSB, says UT Monday Dec 19 at 0330, following Larry Will`s `Free Radio` live show at 0300. Also on WTWW 5755, UT Sunday 0500; on WRMI 9955, Sunday 0900, 1630, 1830, Monday 1230. On WRN via SiriusXM Channel 120, Sunday 0930 and 1830 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. Pirates, presumably North American: 6924.9 AM, Dec 17 at 2312 music with a heavy beat, but I decide to go with Turkey q.v. as the DX program is about to start. When it ended at 2339, 6924.9 was off.

6950.0-SSB, Dec 17 at 2340, Xmas stories and music to tune of Jingle Bells. Next check at 2352, this one is off. Some weak SSB on 6945 then appears to be 2-way, with pauses (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)