martedì 20 dicembre 2011

New Taiwan transmitter site QSLs

Just a quick note (that was the intention), for the moment to let you know that I have been working behind the scenes to bring you this great offer. Back several months ago I contacted my friends in RTI (Radio Taiwan International) management if they might be able to print some special QSL cards.

I requested the following:-

1. QSL showing the current English staff
2. QSLs showing former (now extinct) SW txer sites used by RTI under it's numerous earlier titles, e.g. the Bali (PaLi) site used when RTI was known as VOFC.
AND finally
3. QSLs for each of the existing RTI SW transmitter sites.

Well here's what is now available:
QSL showing the current English staff (photo image is available on the RTI English website)
Two RTI SW transmitter site QSLs: One showing a curtain array at the Tainan site & the other showing transmitter building & antennas at the Paochung site, or branch station as RTI refers to them as. (I was advised just two weeks ago that these were now printed.)

I happily received my QSLs of the two RTI SW sites today & have a sample of the English staff QSL sent some weeks ago.

These QSLs are a special run & are not listed on the RTI website, so if you would like one of these special QSLs do request one.Importantly do make detailed program observations & comments with your reception report. RTI is primarily here to offer programs to listeners & is not a QSL service. It really values its genuine regular listeners & I think they do a great job with their programs. Nice people too.

When you do receive one of these special QSLs please write back to RTI & thank them & say that you really liked the SW transmitter site QSL/s & (if so inclined) that you would like to see further tx site imagery depicted on future QSLs of the other sites such as their Kouhu, Tamshui, Minshuing & Huwei branch stations. AND provide further program feedback.

A personal thank you also encourages me too <hehe>. The QSL cards are verified with FD including the site. I will scan imagery, for those interested, of the QSLs & post up on our YG later in the month.

Happy listening & Merry Christmas to all our members. P.S. Did this special request cost me you ask? Yes & I'll announce what it was at the end of the year :-) (Ian Baxter, Shortwavesites Yahoo Group, Dec 14, via DXLD)