mercoledì 21 dicembre 2011

Broadcasting in Sri Lanka completed its 86th year on december 16

Broadcasting in Sri Lanka completes its 86th year today. British Governor in Ceylon Sir Hue Clifford inaugurated Ceylon Broadcasting Service on the 16th December 1925. It was later established as a new department titled "Radio Ceylon" in 1st of October 1949. It was transformed into Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation on the 5th of January 1967. Late Mr. Nevil De Jayaweera was the first Chairman and the Director General of the SLBC. The Corporation operates three Sinhala channels, two Tamil channels, one English channel, Vidula a broadcasting service for children and seven regional services at present. The SLBC also operates all Asia service in Hindi, Tamil and English languages as well. The SLBC possess the leading digital archives and library in the Asian region.