martedì 20 settembre 2011

Glenn Hauser logs September 19-20, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, it`s Tuesday, so must be Base Esperanza? Not this week. No sign of a signal at Sept 20 chex 1232, 1249, 1318, 1328, 1406, 1446. Latest info was that LRA36 were on Tue & Thu only, after unsnowing the transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 20, before 1300:
 7970, fair with flutter at 1231
10300, very good with flutter at 1242
11500, good at 1242 with CCI, lo het presumably de VOR Tajikistan
12500, fair at 1245
13920, fair at 1247
14800, very good at 1247
15545, expected FD here at 1255, but JBM OC so not sure, vs 15543 het which went off a few sex past 1300*. See TIBET [non]
16100, very poor at 1253

Later chex found only:
15900, very poor at 1330

** GERMANY [non]. 15595, Sept 20 at 1329 tones on and off catch my ear, what will it be? 1330 DW jingle and ID to Afghanistan. Aoki shows 1330-1400 Dari & 1400-1430 Pashto, 200 kW, 104 degrees from Krasnodar, RUSSIA; HFCC disagrees: 250 kW, 110 degrees from Armavir (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM [non]. Re: KTWR 9910 posts --- Glenn, I noticed a surprising number of posts related to KTWR on 9910 with DRM. That transmission was just a one-time deal to check out the content server. The time of day was chosen so that no one would be likely to hear it. Any subsequent noises or DRM signals on that frequency are not coming from KTWR, hopefully. KTWR still uses that frequency for analog broadcasts.
There were two official DRM test broadcasts on 15260 at 0000 UT on Sept. 15th and 16th. That signal was 75 kW beamed toward India. No further DRM tests are planned.

P.S. I remember listening to your DX info on the radio when I was a teenager (35 years ago). My SWL hobby grew into ham radio and SW broadcasting (Mike Sabin, Guam, Sept 20, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Mike, Tnx for clearing that up. I was beginning to have my doubts, but there has certainly been some DRM-like noise around the frequency, maybe really a ute. Hope you`ll let me know of any further developments at KTWR (Glenn to Mike, via DXLD)

** INDIA. 15050, Sept 20 at 1333, AIR Sinhala service with nice music, marred by hets on both sides varying slightly as they beat against central carrier, somewhere between 1 and 2 kHz away; more obvious when switched to talk at 1335. At 1410 I guesstimate it around one sesquikHz. Presumed self-inflicted from an AIR transmitter. Aoki shows site Delhi (Khampur). I was disappointed to find that DX Asia not only doesn`t deal with sites, let alone sub-sites, but is still showing A-10 info! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 3325+, Sept 20 at 1236, presumed RRI Palangkaraya [interior S Kalimantan], unreadable but detectable signal in hi local noise level, better than anything else on 90m. Since I am frustrated from really hearing it, I amuse myself with BFO comparing to 7325 CRI Japanese, and find that 3325 is slightly on the hi side compared to 7325 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9525-, Tue Sept 20 at 1301 I attempt to comprehend VOI since it`s Tuesday, maybe 50% at best; poor signal but initially in the clear, Banjarmasin guy heard right away saying no rain today, temps 29-32, very nice weather. More gab including only one SW frequency mentioned, now-correct 9525, and FM 95.something in Banj. 1304 begins news with jingle, first from Jak about drought likely to last until rainy season in Oct. Alternates with items from Banj announcers, first about a university; 1320 `Commentary` about some government doing. 1324 mentions `Exotic Indonesia`, but hit by ACI from 9520 music [see PHILIPPINES], causing me to give up on VOI which also continued to weaken (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Sunrise DX September 20: woke too late for the 1200 NAs.

1040, Sept 20 at 1223, singing ID as Radio Vida, 90.1. No, they must have sung ``Radio Visa``, as per Cantú link to the station:
1040 XEGYS La Primera + FM 90.1 Guaymas, Son. 5,000 250

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. While parked in a store lot near West O.K. Garriott & Cleveland in western Enid, I performed FM and AM bandscans between 1920 and 1930 UT September 19. Of note, mostly on the local scene:

87.9, open carrier [quieting] at first, no doubt some other car`s unused RF feeder, gone at 1929 recheck. (OK, not really of note)

92.1, open carrier and hum from KAMG-LP Enid. This has been the case more often that not for at least the past week. Station seems to have been abandoned by whoever bought it from its once enthusiastic latino preacher-founder

93.3, big distorted hum spreading to adjacent channels, bit of C&W music audible. This is the translator K227AT of KIMY 93.9 Watonga, and just the latest of SNAFUs affecting it. Another one without adequate supervision. Who cares?

97.7, ``WECS`` at Emmanuel Christian School, just a block away, definitely off the air, as it has been since July or August. This is the Part 15 which used to feature kids doing a rote loop of birthday greetings, day in history, Bible verses, altho when last heard an adult teacher was wrapping up the school year and anticipating the next one. We can still see its presumed vertical antenna atop the Baptist kilo-church [bigger than average, but less than a mega-church]. I wanted to scan entire band from in-range in case it had moved; unfound

99.9, GCN Pirate in S Enid is still missing, nor found on any other frequency either

530, robotic YL weather presumably NWS relayed by KTA [Kansas Turnpike Authority] in S Kansas [nearest spot of multiple outlets: South Haven], very weak but monitoring in low-noise pocket; and with SAH from another HAR/TIS

1050, lo het dominated by music: KKRX Lawton OK is still off-frequency vs KGTO Tulsa

1120, KEOR Catoosa is still silent as it has been for many months now

1640, local KFXY which I last reported as undermodulated, is now back up to full modulation and adjacent splash. Whee! BTW, it does put a local-like signal into OKC daytime, tnx to 10 kW direxional figure-8

1670, Talking House JBA at this location, no doubt the same one in NW Enid as heard for months since the owner and realtor forget about it, wasting milliwatts, not enough to feed hungry Cubans (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PHILIPPINES. 9520, Sept 20 at *1324 music splash ruins reception from Indonesia on 9525-, a love song (for Jesus?), outroed as ``Just for You``, 1327 IS and R. Veritas Asia ID in English, ``Sinhala service on 9.520 MHz to begin at 1330 hours UTC`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TIBET [non]. 15543, Sept 20 at 1258-1300:10* very weak signal hetting another weak one on 15545, presumed V. of Tibet in typical split-frequency behavior vs ChiCom jamming which keeps to multiplesw of 5. Latest Aoki of September 20, 2011 at 0600 UT does not include 15543, but exact times and frequencies are liable to change every day. Is Dushanbe-Yangiyul, TAJIKISTAN site, which in the 15.5-15.6 MHz range Aoki lists as:

1200-1212 15553
1212-1230 15517
1238-1301 15553
1328-1337 15527
1337-1400 15537
1401-1430 15557

Note how they all end in -3 or -7. All shown as Chinese, 100 kW, 95 degrees, except: 1238-1301 on 15553, 1401-1430 on 15557, 100 kW, 131 degrees in Tibetan; why different azimuths per language? And how does Aoki know all this? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 17820, Sept 20 at 1337* and *1338 large open carrier, once again Greenville testing long prior to Portuguese at 1700 on same to Africa; during less than the minute off, weak signal from DW Hausa uncovered, via PORTUGAL; checked // 17800 which is normally much stronger, via RWANDA, aimed USward, but it was even weaker! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 880, Sept 20 at 1215 UT, song about Jesus in unknown language, east-west in KRVN null. Previously had skipped over religion here, assuming merely 50 kW Arkansawyer KLRG, but 1218 talk in Navajo! With some English words such as ``satisfied``, ``illegal``. 1219 another hymn, 1221 gone. Therefore it`s KHAC Tse Bonito NM, a.k.a. Window Rock AZ on the border, non-direxional 50 kW day, 430 watts night. Time was around sunrise in Enid, long before in Tse/Rock = Window/Bonito but NRC AM Log shows schedule as 12-06 UT; nothing about a PSRA, so which power was it? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###