martedì 13 settembre 2011

FREE Pacific Radio Guides

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation
September 13 2011

Pacific Radio Listener Guides at

The current version of the PAL Radio Guides covering all AM [mediumwave] radio stations across the Asia and Pacific region is available from

The PAL Radio Guides list all known AM and SW radio stations operating in the region...... with detailed station data such as operating times, languages, location, and much more...across many thousands of individual stations.

Information in the new Pacific Asian Log Radio Guides is great for travellers, travel agents, corporates and others who need to keepclients and staff informed..and radio listeners of course.

Radio saves lives in emergencies [think earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand, floods in Australia] and these guides list the stations you need to know about across the region.

The PAL Radio Guides are compiled in Seattle [USA] by our editor-in-chief Bruce Portzer from monitoring reports, official sources and feedback from listeners across the region.

Search the two guides online now by options such as location and frequency or download copies for your own personal use from Access is free for non-commercial use.

Search our other frequently updated online guides to Australian narrowcast AM radio [Australia 1611-1701 AM] and the New Zealand Low Power FM Radio Dial [NZLPFM Radio]

Feedback, corrections and updates from users are always welcome and will be incorporated in future versions. Simply email your comments to