giovedì 27 maggio 2010

PNG's Radio Fly on Shortwave

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Radio Fly on Shortwave
Tabubil, Papua New Guinea

Listeners in countries such as Japan and New Zealand have been reporting reception of new shortwave broadcaster Radio Fly in recent days.

Radio Fly is a community radio station operated by the Ok Tedi Mine management in the isolated Western Province of Papua New Guinea, about 800km west of the capital Port Moresby.

According to Jobby Paiva, who hosts the evening show on Radio Fly, the station operates from two FM transmitters [95.3 at the port town of Kiunga and 103.8 in the main company town of Tabubil about 90km inland] and recently started shortwave relays on 3915kHz and 5960kHz.

English news is scheduled 7am-7.30am Tue-Sat and again at 7.30pm-7.45pm Mon-Fri [local times] and the 6am-10pm [2000-1200 UTC] broadcast day is divided into the Breakfast Shift 6am-10am, Mid Morning/Mid Afternoon Shift 10am-2pm, Afternoon Drive 2pm-6pm and the Night Shift 6pm-10pm closedown.

He tells us that the transmitter power details for the SW outlets will be available shortly and they're delighted to be getting emails in from a growing number of listeners around the world.

Station details will be included in the 2011 WRTH: Radio Fly studios are on Dakon Street, Tabubil. Mailing address: PO Box 1, Tabubil, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Team Leader: Michael Miise. Telephone: +675 649 3924. Fax: +675 6493023. Email:

Jobby has previously been a broadcaster with Nau FM and other commercial stations in Papua New Guinea and maintains a regular blog where updates about Radio Fly can be found:

Tabubil is the site of one of the world's largest copper mines [previously gold mining] about 20km from the border with Indonesia and just over 300km from Jayapura. Annual rainfall is around 315 inches [8 meters] and the township is located in extremely dense jungle.

A road links Tabubil with a port at Kiunga where the copper slurry is taken by pipeline, and the port mainly exists to service Tabubil. Both Kiunga and Tabubil are in the highly mountainous North Fly District of Western Province.

Radio Fly serves a combined Tabubil/Kiunga urban population of about 25,000 [estimated] and began broadcasting on FM in 2004. For more information about Radio Fly and the Ok Tedi mining operations see: