lunedì 17 maggio 2010

Glenn Hauser logs May 16-17, 2010

** CUBA. Remember last fall when for several weeks the RHC transmitter used for 11760 most of the day was monitored every day putting out some 20 spurs at equal but slightly variable spacings matching on each side? And during an hour or two the same happened when it was used on another frequency.

It`s back! Now the 15370 transmitter is putting out the same kind of spurs, RHC audio mixed with a whine of the same pitch on all the spurs, May 16 at 2134 during philatelic show, first noted around 15408, and then detected progressively weaker at 15332 and a few other multiples of 38 kHz further out: 15446, 15294, 15256, 15180. These are approximate as the spurs do not have any specific carrier to pinpoint but are mushy blobs.

Fundamental 15370 read a steady S9+18. By 2243 it had declined to only S9+15, and the spurs were notably weaker, in fact only audible on the first order at 15332 and 15408 with a trace of the whine at 15294.

Besides the obvious mathematical correlation, I knew the spurs were coming from 15370, as the // RHC frequency, weaker 15380, was an echo apart while 15370 was in synch with the spurs.

15370 is the Spanish service to Europe, used at 21-23 only, so it and the spurs were gone after 2300. Likely the same transmitter is used elsewhere for much of the remaining 22 hours per day, and may well be doing the same spurring; it`s just a matter of the strength surpassing a threshold to audiblize the parasites, which of course ought to be totally suppressed or removed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR [non]. Not only do the invaders get three frequencies for the price of one after 2300 in Portuguese, but so do the native Kulina people of Brasil, on the only SW transmission in their language courtesy of the missionary impositioners at HCJB, unfortunately conveying no useful contemporary information, but tall tales from two kiloyears ago.

I.e., the CVC CHILE transmission of HCJB on 11920 at 2245 UT May 16 clearly accompanied by mushy spurs around 11897.5 and 11942.5 with same modulation of the only preacher slowly and authoritatively speaking Kulina-as-a-second-language, presumably Bible translations as previously heard referencing a chapter in Matthew, pronouncing the number in Portuguese, as if the Kulina don`t have their own number-words?? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT. 17550, surprised to hear some ME music here at the late hour of 2240 UT May 16, soon followed by Arabic including ID for Kuwait. Good but with deep fades from S9+10 peaks. Mostly talk afterwards; at 2300 recheck still in but much weaker with flutter, 2301 ID again and music, program theme followed by more talk. Last check as 2326 could still detect the carrier.

17550 is another new frequency, scheduled 20-24 at 350 degrees for western and central USA, e.g. OK! A daring idea, considering it`s the nightmiddle from the originator, but obviously somewhat successful and should get even better with a little help from the sunspots and as Solstice approaches making the transpolar path mostly lit.

17550 is missing from Aoki and WRTH Update, but it was in DXLD 10-16 and EiBi has it. The first semihour should clash with VOA French via Bonaire eastward, which I happened to tune across earlier and did not notice any co-channel (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA [non]. Looking around for something to log early UT May 17 so I can date this report differently from the last one, soon found something significant:

9735, VOR via GUIANA FRENCH in English for the third night, so perhaps it`s here to stay; News now normally runs 8 minutes before features start (used to be 11), so at 0208 May 17 it`s end of news, start of News & Views. Trouble is, tho signal is excellent, audio keeps dropping out, making it unlistenable. Come on, TDF, or whoever is to blame, get your act together (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENIND DIGEST)

** U K. Re my earlier report of UKRTW, 15760: The correct spelling of the name is ``UK Rock`s The World``. I know this because I see an e-QSL reproduced in May World DX Club Contact on page 22, from Greg Majewski, CT. So it really means, ``UK Rock Is the World``. The card also says Belfast UK, so it should really be UKOGBANI (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9479, pleased to find WTWW transmitting unmodulated carrier at 2140 UT May 16; unfortunately, Mr Aryan Man cut back on at 2142. Usual overwhelming signal causing overload all over the 31m band, and desensitization in the vicinity of 9479 far beyond its 10-kHz bandwidth (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###