giovedì 13 maggio 2010

Glenn Hauser logs May 12-13, 2010

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, May 13 at 1301 JBA carrier and het with 15480 UK, but that`s all; a semihour earlier could not even detect the LRA36 carrier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. My previous report had the wrong date May 10 instead of May 12 for the lack of Firedrakes: should read:

Firedrake search May 12 at 1320-1328 found none at all between 8 and 18 MHz. E Asian reception not very good, but CNR1 jammers were still making it on 15285, 15265, 11805, etc.

However, 2+ hours later, Ron Howard in California was hearing plenty of them: ``Firedrake scan 1520 to 1541, May 12. All //: 9345, 9380, 12960, 13320, 15140, 16100 and 17920. All were fair to good.``

Now on May 13 I search again between 8 and 19 MHz, and come up with:
 8400, nothing, nor 9000
 9365, fair at 1347, not 9380
 9380, at 1240
10300, fair at 1254, open carrier at 1300; JBA at 1347
11500, VG at 1254, but off at 1259 check
12680, G at 1255, open carrier at 1300
13300, at 1345, not 13340
13340, very good at 1256, to open carrier at 1300, back at 1306
14900, fair at 1348
16062, JBA at 1350, thought I could detect such music, but probably not on this strange frequency
17300, fair with flutter at 1544. None of the previous ones now

** INDONESIA. 9526-, May 13 at 1602 with Qur`an, fair signal from VOI. English in the 13-14 hour was nominal, i.e. good signal and sufficient modulation. 16-17 is normally the hour in Arabic, not just for the devotional (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 9780, May 13 at 1603 very nice music, soprano with harp and flute in slow lullaby-like song, 1605 another like it, 1607 YL announcement in Japanese. Aoki says:
9780 Furusato no Kaze 1600-1630 1234567 Japanese 250 45 Tainan TWN 12038E 2311N JCI a10 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT. 15540, R. Kuwait, VG in English service, May 12 at 1855 with frenetic disco music, lyrix ``Sweet Dreams`` (but not Are Made of This), 1900 drastic cut to lo-key talk about starting a business in Kuwait (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6045, XEXQ-OC, May 13 at 1235 with operatic excerpts including from Barber of Seville, very poor but hanging in there.

Here`s an undated program grid I googled:

And the main website:

En vivo, but is it for their AM, or FM?
All this does is play a few sex of easy-listening music and stops!
It seems SW is still required to hear it.

Separate XHUSP-FM schedule:

** ROMANIA. 17600, May 13 at 1326 RRI YL closing in Chinese with website pronounced in English, IS, vs ACI from REE 17595. Have not noticed this before; is 1300-1330, 67 degrees from Tiganeshti.

You may wonder why I don`t spell it Tiganesti as usually listed. That`s because there is really a hard-to-produce sedilla under the s making it sound sh. There is also supposed to be an up-side-down semi-circle accent over the a, what in English we would call ``short a``, as in hat, but likely representing quite some other precise vowel sound in Romanian, and that is also hard to produce in common fonts.

If referring to the HS program 1, R. România Actualitati, we should also respell that Actualitatsi, as the third t has a tedilla making it a ts sound. I see the WRTH puts in a few Romanian accents, hit and miss, mostly miss as in these cases (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SWAZILAND. 9635, May 13 at 1419 I am surprised to hear good signal with the TWR music-box IS at this odd time, then ID in English ``This is Trans World Radio, B----`` and cut off the air! At least it seemed like the first letter was B, as in Bonaire, but of course that is impossible.

9635 is registered for TWR only from Swaziland, but not until 1440-1525 in Malagasy (except Sundays, French). So maybe this was a test or mistake? Or do they have something now on 9635 until 1420?

It would be nice to check the complete TWR A-10 schedule, or at least the TWR-Africa division, but I`m not sure it has come out. WRTH 2010 has B-09 Swaziland (``man`` site) mixed in under SOUTH AFRICA.

BTW, the free A-10 WRTH pdf supplement should be out any day now; via  Last year`s was dated 11 May 2009 so it`s overdue this year. Based on last year, the new link should be:

** TURKEY. 15450, VOT, Thursday May 13 at 1302 fair signal in Live From Turkey, Seref telling about how the Russians held him up 20 minutes inspecting his visas minutely; later discussing with YL the British elexion. 1322 Question of the Month plug, 1323 sign-off and IS piano variations for a while longer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WINB is STILL broadcasting convicted, sentenced and serving time for 175 years child-molester Tony Alamo, as tuned across 13570v May 13 at 1546. Online sked still claims he is on at 16-17, failing to convert UT/EDT correctly. Before 1500, 9265 was still in use at 1439 with Brother Scare, who served much less jail time for sexual offenses, not // or at least not synchro with WWRB 9385 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. Here`s a chance to hear the VOA news hour at 16-17 UT: May 13 at 1559, fair 11890 is in YDD sign-on, 1600 news by YL. This is 114 degrees via SÃO TOMÉ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###