mercoledì 19 maggio 2010

Australian Heritage AM Radio Celebrates

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation

Diamonds of the Dial
Australian Heritage AM Radio
Celebrating 75 Years

'Diamonds of the Dial' are what the Radio Heritage Foundation calls 40 Australian heritage AM radio stations still using their original station calls for over 75 years on the air.

According to a new feature at, most stations are in country areas, but Sydney is outstanding with 2BL, 2UE, 2KY, 2GB, 2SM and 2CH all achieving 'Diamonds of the Dial' status.

Lots of things have changed in Australia since 1935, but these radio stations are as familiar to Grandma, and Mum and Dad as they are to today's ipod wielding kids.

"It's a tribute to these stations that they've found ways to keep refreshing themselves for listeners across the decades without dumping their original station calls just to satisfy some short term fad or fashion" says David Ricquish of the Radio Heritage Foundation.

For the record, the 'oldest' heritage AM stations on the list are 2BL Sydney, 6WF Perth, 3LO Melbourne, 2UE Sydney and 2HD Newcastle.

"We're pleased to publicly recognize these heritage AM radio stations and we'll add more each year - if they keep their original call-signs" adds Ricquish.

Other stations would have qualified - such as 2FC Sydney, 3AR Melbourne and 4QG Brisbane - but had since changed their calls, whilst others had moved to FM such as 5KA Adelaide and 7HO Hobart.

"Ideally, we'll find corporate sponsors who want to help us recognize these Australian heritage AM radio 'diamonds' as it would be fantastic to do something really tangible to honor the stations and bring more of their colorful history online at" says Ricquish.

In the meantime, switch on your AM radio, listen to these 'Diamonds of the Dial' and share a true Australian cultural experience reflecting more than 75 years of service to local communities across the country.

Many stream their programs live on-line, so listeners around the world can hear these 'borderless radio' heritage AM stations with considerable ease.
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