sabato 18 aprile 2009

Special DRM transmissions from TDF Montsinery to NAB Las Vegas.

TDF Montsinery will transmit a special DRM programme to NAB Las Vegas using the following parameters:

*Montsinery (French Guiana) G3 **Transmitter
*P = 150 kW
Freq = *17545 kHz*
antenna = Toucan 1
azimuth = 308°
config = 4/4
Programme = RFI
DRM mode B
B=10 kHz
bit rate # 14,5 kbits/s
audio encoding = AAC

*Time schedule = *20.59-00.50 UTC (13h59-17h50 Las Vegas local time)

*Associated datas = *
label = < TDF Montsinery >
Text Message =
"DRM transmission by TDF, French Guiana, to NAB - Las Vegas - USA; F=17545 kHz"

*Days of transmissions* =
Saturday 18-04-09 + Sunday 19-04 + Monday 20-04 + Tuesday 21-04 + Wednesday 22-04-09

DRM transmissions have no priority in case of breakdown of an other transmitter which could be backuped by G3 transmitter.

*Remark:* On 23 and 24 April, DRM transmissions to Mexico will be performed using different parameters to be specified.

Wishing you happy listening in Las Vegas and other parts of the United States!

Jacques Gruson F6AJW
(via Alokesh Gupta via dxld ml)