lunedì 27 aprile 2009

Radio Damascus : better modulation - maintenance operations - more audio recordings

Subject :

(a) better modulation levels of Radio Damascus' shortwave transmitters planned by the engineering department
(b) short break in shortwave for maintenance operations at Radio Damascus' shortwave transmitters
(c) audio recordings for all language sections of Radio Damascus online

Dear Radio Friends

The audio recording of the daily program of Radio Damascus is now online for all language sections (English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Hebrew).
Before only the English and German programs were available but since today the other language sections followed.

You can find all the recordings by going directly here :

The German program can also be downloaded on the platform on this location :

(choose the country "Syrien" from the drop down menu on the left side)

And the Spanish section has an alternative download site here :

And I have some other great news. I received today an email from my dear friends at Radio Damascus that the engineer in charge of the shortwave transmitters
is aware of the terrible modulation problem and will take measures to raise the modulation level with priority.

My friends at Radio Damascus also informed me that starting April 28th, there will be a short break in the shortwave transmissions from Damascus to perform
some maintenance work on the transmitters (maybe this is related to the modulation operations). They will try to keep the interruption of the shortwave transmissions
as short as possible, so it should only take a short while!

If the shortwave transmitters are down, you can still listen to Radio Damascus through the audio recordings on the internet or in digital audio quality on the
different satellite feeds :

Hot Bird at 13.0°E : 12380 Mhz
Nilesat at 7.0°W : 11823 Mhz
Badr / Arabsat at 26.0°E : 12054 Mhz

Here once again the full schedule of Radio Damascus :

1600-1700 UTC/GMT Turkish daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
1700-1800 UTC/GMT Russian daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
1800-1900 UTC/GMT German daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
1900-2000 UTC/GMT French daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
2000-2100 UTC/GMT English daily on satellite
2100-2200 UTC/GMT English daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
2200-2300 UTC/GMT Spanish daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite

783 Khz Mediumwave :
1600 - 1830 UTC/GMT Hebrew
1830 - 1900 UTC/GMT Russian

The Radio Damascus staff does highly value when you write to them with your commentaries about the programs or reception reports about the transmissions and you will get in return a nice postcard to confirm the reception (QSL-card) and a program schedule.

Their address is :
Radio Damascus
P.O. Box 4702
Syrian Arab Republic
email : or (RTV Arabic Website) (audio recordings) (alternative download site for the German program) (alternative download site for the Spanish program) (RTV English Website)