giovedì 20 novembre 2008

Nov 20 LOGS - W/Audio file

BULGARIA- 6.000.00, 2033-2053, R. Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Bulgarian- Nov 20 Male and female talks, mentioned Bulgaria some times. QRM of the some stations on this frequency. At 2040 male and female retorn, it seems to be a news program. At 2053 music of 'Alan Parsons Project' between news. 43453

SEYCHELLES- 6.005.00, 2100-2108, BBCWS, via Mahe, English- Nov 20 Male ID 'BBCWS....', at 1901 started a news program by female and male. 34333

TURKEY- 6.050.00, 2108-2125, Voice of Turkey, Emirlrer, French- Nov 20 Some varied musics, females sing. At 2120 coplete ID by F/M, at 2121 continues with non stop music. 45433

ROMANIA- 6.070.00, 2200-2213, R. romania Int., Galbeni, Spanish- Nov 20 Complete ID w/ all the frequencies of transmission etc. At 2205 news by male and female, About financial crisis of the world. 54554

BULGARIA- 6.200.00, 2213-2232, R. Bulagaria, Plovdiv, English- Nov 20 Female talk 'R. BuLgaria', non stop music, beautiful musical program. At 2230 female ID. 55354

MOLDOVA- 6.240.00, 2234-2250, R. PMR, Kishinev-Grigoriopo, English/French- Nov 20 Int. news by male, at 2237 short instrumental music. At 2245 female ID, off tx in English. At 2246 female ID in French language. 45333
Denis Gouveia/Aracaju SE/Brazil.