venerdì 14 novembre 2008


NIGERIA- 4.770.00, 2110-2133, R. Nigeria Kaduna, Kaduna-Jarli, English- Nov 13 A male spoke in English, at 2130 female gives ID, Nigerian(?) mx w/drums etc...34433

MAURETANIE- 4.845.00, 2145-2210, R. Mauretanie, Nouakchott, Arabic- Nov 13 Male and female talks, at 2149 Arabic music, announcements by female. 2150 intrumental music. The signal of this night, is very better of the yesterday (yest. log 22332). 35433

USA- 5.050.00, 2220-2231, WWRB Manchester(presumed), McCaysville, English- Nov 13 Male talk about Bible. At 2228 gospel music. The schedule B08 is 2300-0500, I started to listen to the 2220, at 2230 off tx, no ID. (Checked at 2308, no station of the USA in the air). 35333

USA- 5.810.00, 2247-2303, WEWN, Birmingham, Spanish. Nov 13 Religious program, female talk, short Spanish music. At 2300 male ID 'Radio Catolica Mundial, Birmingham, AL.....'. 45444

DIEGO GARCIA- 4.319.00 usb-, 2315-2325, AFRTS, Diego Garcia, English- Nov 13 News by male and female, at 2319, Jazz instrumental music. At 2325 announcements by female. Mentioned, San Francisco and California. 35422

Denis Gouveia/Aracaju SE/Brazil.