martedì 6 maggio 2008

Shortwave Radio Logs from Southern California

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-Shepparton-RA 17785 2205 English 444 May 3 OM with comments from folks calling the station via phone. Subject was about the Sea Of Gallalee in Israel. //15515 [444] Shepparton, 15230 [444] Shepparton. and 13630 [333] Shepparton.

AUSTRALIA HCJB GLOBAL 15525 2227 May 3 Japanese IS and YL and OM with an ID follwed by a YL with an ID in English.

ARGENTINA Radio Nacional 15345 2234 Spanish 333 May 3 OM ancr with vocal music.

BONAIRE Radio Japan relay-NHK 15265 2243 Japanese 444 May 3 Two YLs with comments.

COSTA RICA Radio Exterior Espana Relay-REE 11815 2255 Spanish 333 May 3 YL and OM with comments plus music. Time Pips at 2300 with an ID by a YL and off the air.

ECUADOR HCJB Global 11920 2250 Unknown language 433 May 3 OM with comments. Could not find a listing for a language at this time.

PHILIPPINES VOA Relay 11805 2305 Indonesian 333 May 3 YL and OM with comments.

UNKOWN Country Unknown Station 15340 2240 Language Asia 333 May 3 YL with comments and of the air by 2300.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come