domenica 16 marzo 2008

WR International on air now

Just a reminder that WR International is now on air @ 12257Khz AM. A playout system is in operation until we go live at 08:00 GMT Sunday 16-03-2008 untill 11:00. Also for those that are unable to hear us on SW our on-line audio is also running with the radio Destiny system. Our audio can be heard at our web site, this is a 20Kb mono feed and only needs java to listen (although quality is low). A better quality and stereo stream is @ we are in the mixed format section. For this you will need to download the destiny radio player. For those wanting to listen, happy listening. We would also love to hear from you whilst we are on air, please e-mail us we look forward to hearing from you.

Happy listening
Dave Jones.