venerdì 14 marzo 2008

Play Back International 6882 kHz weekend

This week end we are proud to announce some of the best LIVE performaces from the 30's to the 50's broadcasted live in USA and bring back to life here in Europe on PBi.

Radio’s drama as:

- An honest man
- Dectective Diamond
- Duel without honor
- The fortune teller
- Tanner and the aliens

and more & more & more

Golden age radio with some of the most famous' American actors of the time.

Don't forget that we will be live from studio 3 & 5 in some points of the week end, but that will be a surprise.

This week-end the playback team will take a photo-shooting of the studio number 3 and some external pictures of the crew for the new QSL !!!!!

You'll be surprise !!!

Have a lovely week end

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JJ Clarence, Johnny Pimms, Grant Benson, Great Mary, Adrew McGiver & Black Matthew