giovedì 20 marzo 2008

9290 khz Radio Caroline 44th anniversary !!!!

Special event !!!
Radio Caroline 44th Anniversary this weekend

22nd March (9290 relay)
Radio City 10.00 -11.00UTC, also on 945AM from 20.00 -21.00UTC
RMRC from Frankfurt 16.00 -18.00UTC

23rd March (9290 relay)
Q103 - 13.00 -14.00UTC
Latvia Today 14.00 -15.00UTC
Radio Caroline 15.00 -18.00UTC

Radio Caroline (test transmission) on 945kHz with a power of 20kw
Starting 23rd of March 21.00UTC until 24th of March 04.00UTC.
QSL cards will be available for the 945kHz and 9290Khz relays
more info

Good listening 73s Tom