lunedì 20 settembre 2021

Radio Blackstone Out, Atlantic 2000 International In, For October 10 Europirate Relay on WRMI

Radio Blackstone backed out of its commitment to produce a program to air on WRMI at Midnight UTC on October 10. Blackstone did not explain reneging on its promise.

Luckily, French low-power station Atlantic 2000 International has come to the rescue and will provide a program for our listeners. (Atlantic 2000 was scheduled to air a program on December 5.)

Attached is an updated copy of TRSW's 2021 program schedule, which shows the new date for Atlantic 2000 and a TRSW Special: A Different Kind of Christmas on December 5. Right now, we're searching for off-beat Christmas songs to weave into a program. But don't worry, we won't play "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" or other songs of that ilk.

73 and Arrgghh.

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