domenica 26 settembre 2021

Brazil Report on SW Digital Broadcasts

The report on the successful trail of shortwave in DRM for domestic use in Brazil was recently published. The trial at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 was a joint effort between The Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications in Brasilia, the University of Brasilia, EBC – the public broadcaster, the DRM Brazil Platform, and other commercial enterprises and interested parties. The aim was to get extensive coverage in DRM SW especially over the wide and sparsely populated of the Brazilian northern areas, the rich Amazonian region.The report gives a detailed report on the set up and results of the DRM trial and demo. It concludes that: "...the successful realization of Phase 1 of the project necessarily implies continuity, with the development and dissemination of national low-cost DRM receivers in Phase 2. One cannot lose the "savoir faire" or knowledge acquired so far and thus condemning isolated populations to ignorance due to lack of information. This opens up a new perspective for quality communication over long distances, integrating the most distant regions of Brazil."