domenica 12 settembre 2021

Gedja Ethiopia today Sept 12 on air. Irregular service noted from Ethiopia on SW in 49 meterband in past weeks.

ETHIOPIA   After absence for a few days noted tonight at 18.20 to 18.41 UT
few outlets of Addis Ababa Gedja site back on air in 49 meterband:

6029.995 kHz few Hertz lower sideband, R Oromiya Oromo Afan language,
            S=8-9 or -79.7 ... -71dBm signal strength.

6090even kHz Amhara State, HoA mx at 18.25 UT, S=6-7 or -92dBm signal.

6110even kHz Very low modulation, some technical failure of R Fana,
            this Gedja tx has failure tonight, seen strings and
            audio covered of 50, 150, 250 Hertz BUZZ strings visible
            either sideband at 18.28 UT on Sept 12.

5950 kHz EMPTY CHANNEL, nothing heard of RDT Vo Tigray Revolution
            from Gedja site at 18.43 UT. Absence of this Gedja txion for
            few weeks in August and September to state.

73 wb df5sx