mercoledì 7 aprile 2021

AIR Chinese 2345-0115 13710-B observations

 2345-0115 AIR Chinese 13710-B

13710 kHz April 6 / 7,
could only trace any AIR Program Chinese in HongKong Kiwi-net rx o n l y
around 00.40 - 00.45 UT,

but CHINA mainland jamming heard instead,
CNR1 echo program heard in Hiroshima, Delhi, Novosobirsk, remotedly

and central China KIWInet
S=9+30 -43dBm at 00.37 UT

S=9+35dB or -41dBm at 00.40 UT

But at vr2kj HongKong Kiwi_net

could be heard another Chinese language program,
so real AIR underneath,
music program like subcontinental instruments and singer
heard clearly at 00.46 UT.

13710 kHz exact fq,
when tuned-in much early April 6th at 23.35 UT (!)
noted an empty carrier on Hiroshima and Tokyo SDRs
started S=5-6 -93dBm poor EMPTY TX carrier seen on screen

23.42:10 UTC exact time, sudden crash-start
of echo jamming program S=8 or -79dBm
and two CNR1 echo jammer started on that channel.

20 kHz wideband audio block jamming.

Compared to CNR1 Voice of China,10555.html

73 wb df5sx