martedì 6 aprile 2021

AIR active external services

INDIA A21 schedule for AIR external services on SW (only active services listed). Transmitter sites: B=Bengalaru; D=Delhi.

0130-0230 Indonesian 13710-B
0300-0400 Baluchi 9950-D
0400-0500 Nepali 11560-D 15030-B
0500-0600 Arabic 15030-B
0800-0830 Farsi 15030-B
0845-0930 Pashto 11560-D 17830-B
0900-1000 Nepali 9950-D
1045-1200 Tibetan 11560-D
1215-1515 Swahili 15030-B
1330-1430 Dari 9950-D 11560-B
1930-2030 French 9620-B
2345-0115 Chinese 13710-B

(Jose Jacob/DXIndia web site; via BrDXC-UK "Communication" printed PDF magazine April 2021)

requests #14095 Indonesian 120degr and #14096 Thai 90degr into hfcc.database

02.45-03.30 UT to mention Thai language section at 90 degr azimuth, 500 kW powerhouse into #216 antenna curtain at AIR Bangalore center. 73 wb df5sx