mercoledì 29 aprile 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

USA   re 5010 kHz  WRMI Okeechobee, Florida US state in North America,
yes noted today April 29 empty channel ON AIR
in 06-07 UT time slot, strength like Cuba Spanish Latin music on 5025 kHz.

Surprise, surprise, RHC on 7350 kHz.

CUBA   RHC Spanish now on 7350.001 kHz from Bejucal site.
But not at 11.00 UT check, nor at 11.12 UT,
noticed this channel later after 12 UTC. 12.05-12.15 UT noted
on S=9+25dB in Edmonton Alberta Canada remote Perseus installation.

Adjacent KNLS ALaska 7355 kHz at 12.10 UT at S=9+10dB strength,
and CNR1  Beijing-Matoucun #572 site Mandarin sce on 7345 kHz S=8.

Noticed also in 22 mb RHC  now - VERY SURPRISING -
not on A-season 13780 kHz channel, but on 13740 kHz again,
broadband 20 kHz wideband audio !
co-channel and - latter - covered as always since years by
TDF RFI Issoudun France in northern summer A-seasons.

At 10.53 UT noticed Cuba RHC TX ON AIR already from Quivican San Felipe
TITAN 250 kW site, S=9+40dB on exact
5999.994 kHz, at same time check also
6100even (ex11950) RHC from Bauta site at 11.07 UT,
also empty TX carrier channel 10.54 - 11.00 UT on S=9+25dB strength.

9535even RHC Bejucal, poor S=6-7 at 11.04 UT in NJ, NY, MI, states;
and Edmonton Canada.

At 11 UT also string visible on 15230 kHz, but under threshold,
probably from RHC Quivican site towards Brazil and Argentina ?

7305even kHz  At 11.25 UT S=9+20dB empty txion channel like
engineering test on US Greenville NC site.
At same time powerhouse 7335 kHz R Marti Spanish to Cuba,
despite of Drumps budget lowers from 29 to 11 mill $ annually.

On 25 and 22 mb also noted some scratching audio signals
annoying in ranges
CODAR transmissions
11857 to 11865 kHz and
11926 to 11933 kHz at 11.21 UT,
13424 to 13477 kHz at 12.52 UT

OTHR broad 13505 to 13515 kHz signal block from Asia at 12.53 UT

Also - I guess - 13603 to 13609 kHz - some scratch audio
? intermodulation appears from Bejucal Cuba site ?
Low -104dBm on threshold level in eastern US states,
but stronger noted in western Canada at Edmonton remote SDR site.
Othe scratches of audio intermodulation mix of UNKNOWN txion center at 13.03
UT on 13571, 13682, and 13820 kHz.

Now - from 13 - 15 UT,  at 13.06 UT check RHC Bauta now appears also on
13700even kHz. In peaks up to 20 kHz wideband audio.
Fair S=8-9 signal in Alberta CAN.

73 wb  df5sx