sabato 25 aprile 2020

Japan observations

re 6105 kHz NHK via TDF Issoudun France relay, seemingly worked overtime that April 23, let the TX in France on air behind 0400 UT. NHK/TDF signal normally has such S=5/5/5 signal in remote Cape Canaveral SDR unit, as reported several times before. Up to 20 kHz wideband tremendously.

Today April 25 nothing heard on that 6105 channel when checked 0410-0420 UT.

Both US relays of NHK Spanish 5985 RMI relay and 6195 HRI relay excellent audio of NHK R Japan Spanish service at this time span.

Noted also 6184.973 MEX R Educacion in Spanish, S=8 in New Jersey remote Perseus unit, Spanish talk at 04.17 UT.

5999.994 odd fq of RHC Quivican San Felipe TITAN outlet, distorted audio of English program, S=9+15dB, and \\
6145even Bauta S=8 0427 UT, comment read on "Colonial status of after WWII worldwide order ... and Cuban Revolution, ... China power now ... etc."

6060even RHC Bauta outlet in Spanish S=7-8 in NJ US state at 04.24 UT.

73 wb