giovedì 24 ottobre 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel: "Radio war in Turkey" observations

MOLDOVA/TURKEY  Radio war in Turkey,
TRT Emirler Turkish Army intelligence sce radio program
against Denge Welat Kurdish radio
towards 35 millions in Kurdistan target.

On Oct 24 08.00 UT
Denge Welat Kurdish radio Livestream is 16 seconds behind,;stream.mp3

Checked 11530 / 11540 kHz channels at 08.00 UT on Oct 24:

11530even Radio Denge Welat program in Kurdish, S=9+25dB strength,
9.6 kHz wideband audio block visible in remote Finnland SDR rx,

and 4 Hertz fq distance - underneath -
11530.004 kHz TRT Emirler, one of the five 500 kW units in central Turkey.

TRT broadcast of Turkish secret service
brought Arabic mens chorus sung performance, and also
marching music band of army music played in between,
also machine gun speedy fire sound,
as reported widely yesterday.

35 million Kurdish national people settled in former Osmanic Empire
in Turkey, Irak, Iran and Syria, - as well as worldwide spread.

and next door 11540 kHz on Oct 24:

2840 Hertz broadband digital? signal, like STANAG,
11538.580 - 11541.420 kHz broad wide, at 08.10 UT on Oct 24.

73 wb  df5sx