venerdì 25 ottobre 2019

Voice of Hope Africa afternoon and evening broadcasts suspended

Hi, Dr. Biener. Thank you for your interest in Voice of Hope - Africa. On Monday 7th October, the electricity utility in Zambia, 'ZESCO', implemented a more wide ranging schedule of power outages throughout the country, due to the perilously low water levels at the Kariba Dam hydroelectric generating plant on the Zambesi River. As a result, at our transmitting site, there is now no power from 1400-2400 local time, daily. Consequently, we have had to temporarily suspend our afternoon and evening broadcasts of Voice of Hope - Africa. We expect the situation to be eased during the upcoming rainy season (Oct-Mar), and will re-instate our afternoon and evening programming when circumstances allow.

Ray Robinson
Strategic Communications Group
Voice of Hope World Radio Network

(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener via WOR io group)