venerdì 26 ottobre 2018

Updates from Syria and Yemen Radios

So far, Radio Damascus is active on 567 kHz from Adra/Damascus and 783 kHz from Besira/Tartous
Today, I noticed that it's active again on 936 kHz as well, from Homs/Ter Maela transmission facility

Recent news stated that 85% of Homs's northern suburbs "where the transmitter is located" had been energized. The Syrian regime regained control over that area recently

There is a new radio station, under the name of “Sawt Al Jomhouria” (Voice of the Republic) transmitting its programs on 1170 kHz

It’s obvious and clear that this is a Yemeni station supporting the Arab coalition forces working over there. I did a little research over the internet, this station was created by the Yemeni’s “National Resistance Forces - Republic’s Guards” in “Al Hudayda” region and started its transmission on 5-June-2018 on 104.1 MHz at that region

Best Regards, (Rawad Hamwi, Saudi Arabia?, Oct 26, DX LISTENING DIGEST)