venerdì 26 ottobre 2018

Unique Radio upcoming schedule changes from November 10th 2018

Unique Radio Upcoming changes to schedule from November 10th 2018 via WINB 9265KHz Red Lion Pennsylvania USA

1000 HRS UTC - 1100 HRS UTC - Sounds of your life hosted by Aussie Tim (Oldies,obscure,Australian,Artist features 3 in a row)
1100 HRS UTC - 1130 HRS UTC - Hobart Radio International hosted by Bob Wise (Music and radio features from Tasmania Australia)
1130 HRS UTC - 1200 HRS UTC - International Radio Report  Co Hosted by Sheldon Harvey & David Asselin & with special features from Gilles Letourneau
1200 HRS UTC - 1230 HRS UTC - World of Radio hosted by Glenn Hauser (International shortwave radio and radio information with loggings)

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Aussie Tim
Unique Radio
Gunnedah NSW