sabato 19 dicembre 2015

Reactivated: Nigeria 6090, Korea N 6400 & 11680

** NIGERIA [and non]. 6090, Kaduna finally back on the air. Heard 18 Dec at 2130 with Hausa talk and music, gradually taking over from CNR. Same low frequency as before. Ethiopia had a good period here when both Nigeria and China were off. Ethiopia 6090 now signing off at 2100 just like 6110 (Olle Alm, Sweden, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. 6400 and 11680 back on the air from about 15 Dec after being silent for several weeks These two were also off for a long period until early April (Olle Alm, Sweden, 18 Dec, DX LISTENING DIGEST)