martedì 22 dicembre 2015

Glenn Hauser logs December 20-21, 2015

** CANADA. 6070, Dec 21 at 0621, JBA carrier, presumably CFRX almost wiped out with K-index of 6 at 0600, after G2 storms and R1 blackouts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 5005, Dec 21 at 0505 and 0610 chex, JBA carriers from presumed RNGE. I gather that it is not on the air every day (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1804 monitoring: confirmed only 4 minutes late, 0404 UT Monday Dec 21 on Area 51 webcast, and barely audible on WBCQ 5109.7-CUSB. Also confirmed from 0430.5 UT Mon Dec 21 on WRMI webcast and poorly on 9955; the K-index at 03 was, after all, 6. Next:
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

** U S A. 15785-15855, Dec 21 at 1521, approx. fluxuating range of squeals coming out of 15825 WWCR transmitter, as heard on three receivers since 1455; worst between 15810 and 15840, and self-QRMing WWCR audio on 15825 itself. This fundamental is at only fair strength, while the lower WWCRs, 13845, 9980 and 7490, are blasting in as usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Re my obs of stations carrying the Democratic debate Saturday night, "...I presume these already have some affiliation with ABC radio...", Greg Hardison replies:   

``The common thread I see is with iHeart Radio/Premiere, as I'm certain each station has an affiliated XDS box in the rack. KRMG takes Rush & Hannity, and WSB takes Hannity and "Handel On The Law" from Premiere, and the others are iHeart O&Os. Actually, WSB also takes Rush, come to think of it. I don't think Disney/ABC could send it without adding in tunes from "Song Of The South", or plugs for Star Wars. -- GREG HARDISON`` (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGESTE)

** U S A. 900, Dec 20 at 2132 UT, I happen to tune across KSGL Wichita KS, where YL DJ tells us the temperature is ``zero`` and on to some Xmas music. She sounds live, but must be an automatoness, defaulting to zero without any accurate current input, since it`s `way above zero Kelvin, Fahrenheit, even Celsius --- 57 or 58 F according to NWS Wichita 3-day history (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** YEMEN [non]. 11860, Dec 21 at 1435, R. Sana`a with siren sounds, much weaker than usual due to propagation disturbances: 

``Solar-terrestrial indices for 20 December follow.
Solar flux 117 and estimated planetary A-index 66.
The estimated planetary K-index at 1500 UTC on 21 December was 3.
Space weather for the past 24 hours has been moderate.
Geomagnetic storms reaching the G2 level occurred.
Radio blackouts reaching the R1 level occurred.`` [WWV at 1518]

At 1437:47, Qur`an starts after several seconds` pause. This is 39 seconds later than yesterday. Recheck of finds today`s sunset times: Aden 1439 UT; Sana`a 1438 UT. 11860 continues weakening, only poor by 1500 today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 10000, Dec 20 at 1748-1752, checking WWV for NOAA Weather Radio override, during an hourpart when this previously happened, but no sign of it, just silent ticking until toning resumes at 1752. (WWVH 15000 had North Pacific weather in the 1750-1752 minutes). 

Shortly after publishing my previous report, I copied it to and asked, Please explain this, but no reply. This one goes to them next. Now it`s obvious that NWS is NOT coming out of the WWV (or WWVH) transmitter:

10000, Dec 21 at 1419 tune-in, a bit of strong NWS stops, leaving a weak WWVH audible and WWV even weaker JBA. At 1429 NOAA Weather Radio for central Missouri resumes, with St Louis ID, and is about S8, way stronger than either NIST signal, and furthermore is on USB only (plus carrier? no LSB). This segment keeps going until 1432, including during tonal WWVH period. A few words cut on briefly before 1436. Back to NWS at 1439 with weather history, total precip for the year in Jefferson City, etc. By 1450 the WWV signal is building up to normal strong day level. I keep monitoring until 1517 but no more NWS interruptions, which would certainly be audible whenever they recur, evidently at totally random times. Remonitoring later catches some more NWS interruptions as in clips below.

So what`s going on? Obviously WWV is the victim of this interference, not the inadvertent cause. It could be 1) some USB automated transmitter, maybe a USCG or commercial coastal station, which is mistuned, defaulting to an `even` frequency like 10000 (but Central MO is hardly coastal, not a normal source to be relayed anywhere on SW). Is anyone familiar with such transmitters defaulting like this? But no signs of any IDs other than NOAA Weather Radio for central Missouri.

OR 2) some deliberate QRM by anyone with a USB transmitter, probably but not necessarily in range of the central-MO NOAA Weather Radio VHF transmitter to relay. That`s pretty close to here for such a good signal on 10 MHz; could be further, more appropriate skip distance.

NOAA Weather Radio roster for Missouri shows this is the one:
Jamestown | Prairie Home | KWN55 | 162.425 | 1000 | Weldon Spring, MO

Jamestown is the site name; Prairie Home is the transmitter name; 1000 is the power; and WFO is the weather forecast office (announcements heard say this originates in St Louis, but Weldon Springs is a western suburb of it). And here`s its coverage map, at times much greater!

Some clips recorded Dec 21, clearly showing how this mixes/overrides WWV. We had to rush and grab a phone rather than proper patch cord setup. If you hear California mentioned, that`s a town in central MO. Note that NWS weather segments usually end with a beep and silence, not what you would expect on their own continuous 162 MHz broadcasts. I expect they can be accessed online as well.

1, [2:43 duration] extended forecast, independent fading, mixed with WWVH 1432 & 1433 timechecks; WWV not or hardly audible yet: 

2, [1:43] WWV time at 1549, NWS forecast, pauses, resumes with conditions, WWV time at 1550:

3, [4:14] WWV time at 1559, NWS, 1600 WWV full ID on hour; NWS resumes at 2:06 into clip, ends with beep, WWV ID:

4, [4:35] WWV tone stops, NWS starts, WWV at 1608, starts own North Atlantic Weather while NWS mixes, more at 1609, 1610 to 1611 when WWV tone starts, NWS continues mixing underneath; WWV at 1612, now with tone while NWS has stopped:

This report despatched at 1911 UT December 21