sabato 14 giugno 2014

Videos 13.06

All times are in UTC

June 13, 2014
Bangladesh Betar in English to WeEu 1759 on 13580 Dhaka

BBC relay World Cup Brasil 2014, Mexico vs Cameroon at 1717 UTC

BBC World Sce in English at 1827 UTC

BABCOCK music 1555 on 11610 Meyerton, before start of IBRA Radio in Tigrinya

IBRA Radio in Tigrinya to EaAf 1700 on 11610 Meyerton

IBRA Radio in Swahili to CeAf 1730 on 11785,2 Al Dhabbaya

IBRA Radio, Radio Sama in Arabic to CeAf 1928 on 7425 Woofferton

IBRA Radio in Shuva to CeAf 1930 Woofferton

Radio Ethiopia in French 1742 on 7237,4 Addis Ababa Gedja, QRM PBS Xizang on 7240

Radio Free Chosun in Korean to NoKorea 1453 on 15630 Palauig, Zambales

Nippon no Kaze in Korean to NoKorea 1536 on 9965 Palau

Furosato no Kaze in Japanese to NoKorea 1614 on 9960 Palau

KCBS Pyongyang in Korean 1735 on 9665 Kanggye

RNZI in English & BBC in Hindi at 1619 both on 9700 Rankitaiki/A Sheela

RTE Radio One in English to SoAf 1932 on 5820 Meyerton

Radio Sultanate of Oman in English to WeEu 1456 on 15140 Thumrait

Radio Sanna in English to ME again on shortwave 1833 on 6135 Al Hiswah

Radio Sanna in English to ME again on shortwave 1855 on 6135 Al Hiswah


Ivo Ivanov

QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria
Equipment: Sony ICF-2001D 30 m. long wire