giovedì 26 giugno 2014

Glenn Hauser logs June 26, 2014

** BRAZIL. 11750 & 11810, June 26 at 0548, spurs from RNA 11780 are still here but much reduced, crackling barely detectable while fundamental remains supersig (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. ChiCom jamming morning of June 26 with degraded propagation:
16920, June 26 at 1336, CNR1 jammer, fair with flutter
17170, June 26 at 1337, CNR1 jammer, good with flutter
19000, June 26 at 1337, CNR1 jammer, fair. None in the 18s, 14s, 13s, 12s, and only inbanders on 15 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 11860, June 26 at 1313 and later, RHC`s missing frequency today. At 1419, noted 11760, 12010, 15340, 15370, 17580, 17730 with vocal music instead of stale revolutionary speeches, so also a schedule change on Thursdays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA SOUTH. 15575, June 26 at 1327, KBSWR has curtailed `Seoul Calling` for part 2 of a series supposedly commemorating the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950y --- but it`s unrelated, all about a Korean medicine clinic in Sri Lanka, i.e. acupunxure.

Now in midsummer this is one of the best extracontinental signals on 19m in our mornings; all midwinter it will be zilch if they continue to resist lowering. Probably second only to VOA Korean 15780 from Philippines, which sensibly does go down to 9 MHz in the B-seasons (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Fitful sporadic E poking MUF barely into channel A2, June 26, UT:
1424 on 2, weak CCI peaking about SSW
1433 on 2, animation with Televisa-5 net bug in LR
1454 on 2, panda character visible

** NORTH AMERICA. 9610-AM, June 26 at 0545, here`s Station YHWH with usual rant, about the Sabbath, poor-fair in noise level; off at 0554 recheck. Previously was on 9600, but you never know where he`ll go next. Frequency accuracy seems very good and almost always picks a spot clear of interference, which is more than can be said for some legitimate SW broadcasters (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 550, June 26 at 0555 UT, another try at IDing the station with the `Jim Bohannon Show` as heard last night. Again from NE/SW, as he`s wrapping up this hour. I do doze off before 0600 UT, but awaken just in time to hear ID, ``The Big 5-50, KTRS, Saint Louis``, into ABC News, which is several seconds ahead of same on KTSA San Antonio (why in the world don`t big stations on same frequency coöperate and synchronize their programming?? To everyone`s advantage).

KTRS is the obvious station in that direxion, and the first thing I checked on the Jim Bohannon station finder, but it`s *still* missing:;jsessionid=91C252C08B4470E7071E2B4AEBA8D883?action=stateSearch&state=MO&programID=0
and nothing else in St Louis. You`d think Jim would at least keep up with affiliates in his home state. I suppose this is a recent addition.

Unfortunately, the NRC AM Log 2013 on page xvii does not include Bohannon among ``Networks and Shows that they carry`` among many other national talkhosts.

What a shame that Jimbo lacks outlets in many major markets, where the corporate-controlled clusters would rather air far-right anti-American lunatix than a sensible MOR talkhost. But he is on many minor stations (in Oklahoma, only KXCA-1380 Lawton live; but something at 10:30:00 pm Sundays on KFAQ 1170? That doesn`t make sense).

BTW the station finder mixes in his other show `America in the Morning`, news magazine at 09-10 UT weekdays. Strangely, the (local) times are in the right column along with days of week, while most entries in the ``time`` column read ``null``.

Yes, my Google search on KTRS Saint Louis gets this top hit:
This is not a story with any text, ``written by Andrew Dowd``, but a 7:40 video, just dated today June 26, so we beat them to it yesterday.

It`s an interview with local host McGraw Milhaven and sidekickess, about coming on KTRS; says he started ``this week``, at midnight to 4 am (so 3 am CDT must be a repeat of the first hour). Jim explains how he got his big break subbing for Larry King when a mechanic left a wrench in a Cape Cañaveral rocket (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 750, June 0602 UT, Spanish from east/west is atop WSB making a fast SAH, no doubt KAMA El Paso TX as previously identified, way out of whack. Am I the only one who has noticed or cares? Certainly not WSB. It`s supposed to be only 1 kW at night direxional westward, but sounds like it`s 10 kW day power, non-direxional or even worse.

Here`s the night pattern plot:
showing minimum at 85 degrees, maximum at 265 degrees! It`s dated 9 June 2014: like most of these plots via FCC AM Query, they show up with a very recent date as if they are constantly being updated, instead of set in stone once established. But this one is obviously imaginary compared to what we hear.

Is there anything in KAMA`s Correspondence folder about an STA allowing them to run 10 kW ND at night? No, but this dated April 11, *2013* allows them to run 250 watts ND due to tower damage:
``TLC states that on March 13, 2013 one of the nighttime only towers
was knocked down by a construction crew. Thus, TLC requests STA to operating [sic] non-directionally with a power of 250 watts during nighttime hours, which is 25% of the station's authorized nighttime power``

So now it looks like they have just recently upped power for this ND authorization already in effect. It`s been ``temporary`` for 14+ months now, and still haven`t replaced the tower? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1718 UT June 26