venerdì 13 giugno 2014

Glenn Hauser logs June 13, 2014

** CHINA. 18980, June 13 at 1350, CNR1 jammer with fair-good signal, the OSOB, which isn`t saying much on ``15 meters`` (yes, this is about 15.8 m, while everything in the so-called 15-m hamband is 14.xx meters). 18980 per Aoki is the Fri & Tue 11-12 & 13-14 frequency for RFA Tibetan via Kuwait, the target unheard.

17485, Friday June 13 at 1419, CNR1 jammer, very good, vs unheard RFA Tibetan 14-15 M/W/F via Thailand; // only fair 17740, which Aoki lists as CNR1 jamming at 14-15 but no known target (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 6000, circa 0600 UT June 13, RHC has achieved English modulation, unlike earlier 0441 open carrier, and 0147 not even that.

15370, June 13 at 1317 is today`s missing RHC frequency, hardly necessary with 15340 on, but also depriving us of the leapfrogs.

17730, June 13 at 1352, another missing RHC frequency, but hardly necessary as 17580 is in well. IIRC, 17730 was on earlier in the hour as I tuned across; yes: Wolfgang Büschel had a ``nice clear signals`` via Nara, Japan remote unit at 1314 June 13 on 17730, 17580, 15340, 15230, presuming short-path across the night.

13740, June 13 at 1354 open carrier, 1425 check CRI English relay as scheduled except in imaginary HFCC, so the Cubans have managed to get 13740 on the air today unlike yesterday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Bits of sporadic E TVDX as MUF pokes above 55 MHz now and then, June 13; nothing earlier circa 1430 UT but:

1633 on 2, tune-in finds fútbol from Azteca 7 per bug in UR; Mundial? 6m Es map shows hardly any activity and none of it from the south

1645 on 2, now a studio talk show with 3 women and one man

1707 on 2, silly ballgame again, most likely XHTAU Tampico; lunch

1758 on 2, Azteca-7 SBG in again, but mostly nothing

** TURKEY. Received in the p-mail June 12 another letter from TRT, sealed only with a cupric? mini-staple. It contains another gorgeous pouch, the third one I have received from them and they are all different. This one is mostly red with intricate golden filigree which the scans do not do justice to:
Zippered, could be used as coin purse, but never to be marred here.
The four previous images can be found at
to which all these are being added.

Plus a square coaster with rounded corners showing Topkapi Palace from the outside, different from previous ones, but with the same 3-D-ish overlay diffraxion grid:

I have won another Question of the Month contest! Last entered a few months ago. Do they keep track of each winner`s previous prizes? Also a card with TRT SW schedule on one side, satellite sked on the other. Nothing about programming.

The envelope itself is a keeper, really a cover with a real postage stamp on it honoring TRT on its fiftieth anniversary (is that all??):

Stamp says Bir Asra Dogru (minus the diacritics) which Google immediately translates as ``toward a century``, but only halfway.
Closeup of the stamp and postmark, 02.06.2014 which means it took only a dekaday to arrive (background not really bluish as this came out):

While I`m at it, also adding linx from the QSL page to older items:
Türkçe Vizion view of a collosseum event:
2013 calendar on other side of above:
Cappadocia coaster from 2012, with faces in the rocks?:

** U S A. 9955, June 13 at 0602, nice familiar filler music medley, polka from WRMI instead of BS, why? Over lite pulse jamming. BS remains blasting in on 11825, 7570, but we`re grateful that some other BS/WRMI frequencies remain rather weak here, 5015, 5950 even in the nightmiddle; those must efficiently beam away from us.

17700, June 13 at 1418, surprised to hear a good signal here, ``Sweet Bye & Bye`` instrumental hymn; 1420 some salsa with English lyrix, 1424 soul music. Guess what? 17790 is missing and this is the kind of fill music Radio Africa Network typically plays: yes, got to be that, mis-punched frequency, 1434 with preacher on I Corinthians. For now it doesn`t really matter as nothing else is on 17700, but at 1523 I can barely hear Vatican Radio SMG under it with SAH, Hausa scheduled 1500-1530. Catholix vs Protestants, or something! Clear again after 1530 per HFCC. 17700 is still running RAN/WRMI at 1810.

21525, June 13 at 1811, very poor signal from Brother Scare; tnx to tip from Bob LaRose in S California who IDed it as WRMI. He said it was very good, better than BS on 21600 WHRI, but not here, both VP: too close? 21525 still not on the WRMI frequency grid which has not been updated since June 4; nor is 17700. WRMI initially planned to use 21525 when it took over Okeechobee last December, but had a problem with matching the antenna or some such. So this may be a test, but it seems to be working now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1836 UT June 13