venerdì 13 giugno 2014

Repeat Whit Sunday on next Sun June 15th

Sunday June 15 FRS-Holland will repeat its full last Sunday broadcast via the Internet:[].
For mobile devices there is a 24 kbps mono stream: [].
Just like last Sunday start is at 15:52 UTC/ 17:52 CEST and 6 hours later close down will be at 22.03 UTC/ 00:03 CEST.
Unfortunately  16:00 CEST was mentioned as a start in FRS Magazine...that's wrong!! Apologies....
Last Sunday we were not very lucky with propagation conditions. Although good reception was reported from different parts of Europe,
also much poorer reception was the case at other locations. Variable... Especially 7700 kHz was poorer than we hoped for although the signal
improved during the last 2 hours. Positive was 9302 kHz which replaced 5800 kHz. Knowing we used only relatively low power on 9302, it
performed quite well in wide areas of Central Europe. 

Thanks for all of you sending in reports...much appreciated!!

Enjoy next Sunday's broadcast...

73s, the FRS team

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