lunedì 30 gennaio 2012

Top 5 Radio Books for February

Radio Heritage Foundation
January 30 2012

Top 5 Radio Books for February

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The Top 5 Recommended Books for February are:

#1 Hello Ego! [Australian radio personality tells many inside stories] $24.07
#2 Changing Stations [The Story of Australian Commercial Radio] $25
#3 Radio in the Movies [fascinating panorama of radio on the big screen] $45
#4 Wireless & Empire [how Britain ruled the Empire airwaves] $10
#5 ARRL Ham Radio License Manual [THE how to book for new radio amateurs] $15.92

PLUS..Read our own reviews about other great radio books before you buy at as well. Coming soon - books about Radio and Movies, Black Radio in the USA, the Air War with Cuba, and more Australian radio history books.......

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* Voices in the Air $75
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* Original Radio Hauraki Party Ticket $10
* Art of Radio Japan postcards $10

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PS.."Listening with Lizzie" is a nostalgic look back at radio broadcasting in the British Commonwealth 60 years ago when Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne.... from Great Britain to British Honduras, Bechuanaland, Pitcairn Island and many more long lost radio stations, and radio online at