domenica 29 gennaio 2012

QEII 60 Years of Commonwealth Radio

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation
January 29 2012

Listening with Lizzie
British Commonwealth on the Air 1952-53
Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of
Queen Elizabeth II 1952-2012

"Listening with Lizzie" is the new feature celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-2012 just released at by the Radio Heritage Foundation.

This is a nostalgic review of the radio broadcasting scene across the then British Commonwealth sixty years ago, when places such as British Honduras, British Somaliland, Aden, Zanzibar, Gold Coast, Northern Rhodesia and many other colonies and territories were contributing to the 'British" world of radio.

You'll enjoy classic ephemera from such stations as the Central African Broadcasting Station, Cable & Wireless in the Kenya Colony, the Near East Arab Broadcasting Station from Cyprus, the Commercial Service of Radio Ceylon, Radio Malaya from Singapore, Radio ZBP Pitcairn Island, Radio Jamaica ZQI and many others.

"Let's visit the British Commonwealth as the young Queen Elizabeth II would have found it, and imagine we're listening in to the sounds of a radio magically sweeping across the dial and across the world, and picking up the sounds of her realm in 1952-53."

The feature covers Great Britain, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas, and gives a unique insight into how broadcasting was emerging at different levels across many parts of the globe in this first decade after the end of the conflicts of World War II.

"Listening with Lizzie" British Commonwealth on the Air is now available at and is one of a growing number of new Popular Culture features produced by the Radio Heritage Foundation.