venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

To all friends and listeners of Radio 6150, tests Jan. 28th / 29th

We are glad that our tx for the first time worked with 2,4 kW using the aerial. So for coming Sunday, Jan. 29th, we are on plan to test with this power. Because parts of the equipment do not yet stand full power for a longer time, tests will last only for some minutes, starting every full and half hour, beginning at 7 UTC.  We ask for your reports and audio files, and your opinion concerning modulation / sound, so we can compare it with our soon to come Optimod AM soundprocessor. Some testing is likely on Saturday morning, using low power and different equipment. Please report this, too, so we can see the difference in using low and higher power. Thanks to everybody who supported us until now with reports, jingles, internet, and... In a short time we will send our QSL for every correct report we got! We offer booking time for broadcasting your programs and advertising for absolutely low prices. Please contact us for details. If you want to help our station, maybe producing programs in German, English, Dutch... or jingles, please drop us a line.

We like to hear from you, and: please tell your friends!

Mark West